YPJ fighters: We will liberate not only women but also men

YPJ fighters in the Wrath of Euphrates operation launched to liberate Raqqa, Agiri Kobanê and Asi Serêkaniye said, “We have launched the Wrath of Euphrates Operation to avenge the Syrian and Shengali women.”

YPJ fighters in the Wrath of Euphrates operation Agiri Kobanê and Asi Serêkaniye spoke to the ANF on the reasons they joined the liberation operation.

YPJ fighter Agiri Kobanê pointed out ISIS’ approach towards women in the regions under their invasion and stated that YPJ had launched the Wrath of Euphrates operation to avenge Syrian and Shengali women.

Agiri Kobane stated that the people’s, especially the women’s accounts in areas liberated by YPG/YPJ fighters and SDF forces exposed the ISIS gangs’ approach towards women, and said:

“We have moved on to the second stage in the Wrath of Euphrates operation we launched on November 5. Like in every operation, the YPJ plays a leading role in this operation as well.

Various forces are taking part in this operation. One of them is the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ). It’s not a first. YPJ has created a great impact in all operations they took part in. The latest was the operation to liberate Manbij, and today they are taking part in the operation to liberate Raqqa with great enthusiasm.

In the operations we will carry out as part of the second stage, the civilians’ safety is fundamental for us, like always. Several villages and hamlets have already been liberated by our forces.”

Kobanê also said the accounts of people, especially women in areas liberated by YPG/YPJ fighters and SDF forces exposed ISIS gangs’ approach to women and continued: “In ISIS-occupied areas, girls, young women and women can’t leave their homes without an adult male relative, so their father, brother or husband, accompanying them.

Women have to use veils and black gowns that cover their whole body from head to toe. The accounts from people in areas we liberate are horrifying. The ISIS gangs’ practices aren’t limited to women either. They have many practices that affect men as well.

For example, ISIS gangs have set up a special asayish force to inspect men’s clothing and ensure sharia law is implemented. We liberate not ony women but men as well in areas we liberate.

We, the YPJ fighters, fight a system that has become the bane of humanity, really. As YPJ fighters, we will avenge all women, especially Shengali women.”

YPJ fighter Asi Serêkaniye stated that the Wrath of Euphrates Operation meant a lot to the YPJ and continued: “Because thousands of women are awaiting freedom there. Today we are marching towards Raqqa, thousands of women under ISIS tyranny are waiting for freedom. We are on the march to realize their longing.”

Serêkaniye expressed that there is an ideology and a philosophy of resistance beneath the resistance of YPJ and that such hard periods make people stronger in the war of wills and added: “When marching towards the enemy, we marched with conviction and will and with a total ideological and sacrificial spirit.”

Serêkaniye said the conviction and the will got stronger when faced with the dirty gangs and added:

“We aren’t fighting ISIS gangs, we are fighting a system that has become the bane of humanity. So, we feel the responsibility to achieve victory in the face of the enemy. We are fighting this war with the philosophy of the free woman and the philosophy of emancipation. We fight for the unity of peoples. The enemies of humanity named ISIS gangs have come to destroy, burn and loot these lands. What religion includes murdering prisoners, women and children?

ISIS gangs have formed a so-called security force called “El Hansa Brigade” consisting of only women who inspect women’s clothing. The women in this force are mainly the wives of the ISIS gang members, according to people in the areas we liberated.

The women in these brigades of the ISIS gangs have the duty to punish those whose clothing isn’t in line with the law. That actually means this: Women are tortured and murdered at the hands of other women.

When an ISIS member is killed, his wife is married off to another ISIS gang member. With that, it is clear that women have been reduced to sex slaves to quench carnal deprivation.

As YPJ fighters we will avenge all Syrian women, especially Shengali women. YPJ will build the democratic Syria and the free life with their own hands.”