YPG: Turkish army attacked Rojava land 89 times in two months

YPG Press Office released the balance sheet of war for the months of January and February, 2017.

YPG Press Office released the balance sheet of war for the months of January and February, 2017.

According to the balance sheet;

The Turkish army targeted civilians and YPG forces positioned on the borders between Rojava and Bakur Kurdistan with heavy weaponry 89 times.

Turkish army shelled YPG units’ positions and civilians with helicopters 5 times.

Turkish surveillance planes hovered over Rojava 8 times.

YPG units destroyed 2 military vehicles, 3 bulldozers of the Turkish army.

A bomb-laden vehicle of gangs backed by the Turkish army was seized.

A Turkish soldier was killed during the retaliation of YPG units against the invasion attempt of the Turkish army.

One of YPG fighters and 3 civilians were martyred during the Turkish army's attacks which also left 2 YPG fighters and 4 civilians injured.

2nd phase of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates:

During the campaign which YPG units effectively took part in under the SDF, 2,480 km2 land was liberated from ISIS gangs, which involves 197 villages, dozens of hamlets and strategic hills, in addition to the historical Jabar Castle.

260 gang members were killed and 115 bodies were seized by SDF fighters, while 18 gang members were captured alive.

A large quantity of ammunition, military equipment and several vehicles of the gangs were seized. 40 bomb-laden vehicles of the gangs were destroyed, apart from some others seized by SDF fighters.

Tens of thousands of civilians residing in western villages of Raqqa were rescued and civilians secured safe return and provided help after their villages were cleansed of gang groups.

42 SDF fighters lost their lives including 3 international fighters from Britain, Canada and the US. 3 fighters of the Syriac Military Council partaking in the campaign were also martyred.

3rd phase of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates:

700 km2 land in the northeastern countryside of Raqqa was liberated.

98 villages andd hamlets in this territory were liberated from ISIS and the civilians here were transferred to safe areas where they were provided with help. They were secured back to their houses after a while.

During this phase of the campaign,124 gang members were killed, more others were wounded and 9 others were captured alive.

Several military vehicles with heavy weapons mounted on them were destroyed. 63 tunnels dug by the gangs were discovered and destroyed. An explosives factory was also discovered and destroyed. 3 bomb-laden vehicles and 256 mines were neutralized. 3 scouts of the gangs were downed and a large amount of arms and military equipment was seized.

13 SDF and self-defense fighters fell in the battles.

The 2nd step of the 3rd phase of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates:

2,426 km2 land involving 253 villages and hamlets between Deir ez-Zor and Raqqa was liberated from ISIS.

221 gang members were killed and 11 were captured alive during the clashes in the region.

8 military vehicles including a DshK-mounted one were destroyed, in addition to 13 bomb-laden vehicles and an explosives factory.