Youth of Kurdistan starts “Rise Up!” campaign

Kurdish youth organizations Komalen Ciwan and Komalen Jinen Ciwan started “Rise Up!” campaign and called on all youth to take to the streets and resist against oppression.

Komalen Ciwan (Communities of Youth) and Komalen Jinen Ciwan (Communities of Young Women) launched a campaign named “Rise Up!” in order to raise awareness about the isolation on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and demand his freedom, resist against Turkish attacks on Rojava and invasion of Southern Kurdistan and celebrate 40th anniversary of PKK. The campaign will last until the Newroz, March 21, of 2018.

“Seri Hilde (Rise Up!) campaign which will put its mark on history, is our call for resistance to all youths in Kurdistan cities, neighbourhoods and villages and all youth living abroad” Komalen Ciwan’s statement read.

Komalen Ciwan and Komalen Jinen Ciwan stressed that Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s freedom is the main objective of the campaign and said “Our leader, who is living under captivity conditions, is subjected to aggravated isolation for the past two years. With aggravated isolation they aim to separate our leader from our movement and our people and make us get used to live without our leader. Lately as a part of dirty war tactics, AKP media circulated news about our leader’s life. They are trying to test our patience and checking us. The fascist oppression over our leader and other political prisoners has now come to an unacceptable level.”  

The statement read as follows:

“AKP attacks Kurds wherever it can in Northern Kurdistan and Turkey. Still not recovered from the psychological effect of the defeat in Kobane, AKP and Erdogan announced plans to attack Afrin. Rojava Revolution became a nightmare of AKP gangs. Walls were built on the border between Rojava and Northern Kurdistan, all the border area is wired and there is almost one soldier in every meter along the border.

The gangs now want to destroy the Rojava Revolution and finish off the freedom struggle with an anti-Kurdish alliance. They made the annihilation of Kurds their reason for living. Not only in Turkey, AKP is after Kurds all around the world and uses everything in its power to annihilate the Kurds. They target the people of Kurdistan and Kurdish freedom struggle for over forty years.

Consequently, the colonialism is attacking to destroy by the hand of Turkish fascism. Our strategic approach is to make a move against this process and develop a response as Apoist Youth Movement. Our movement will give the greatest response to fascist and massacrist enemy.

The period in front of us is the time when we our campaign will be carried out in four parts of Kurdistan and Europe.

In order to keep our word to the martyrs, we call on all youth from Kurdistan to mobilize and “Rise Up” against fascism.”