YJŞ/YBŞ: Our goal is to liberate every village of Ezidxan

YJŞ/YBŞ Command announced that more than 15 ISIS gangs have been killed during the 'Operation to Avenge Êzidî Women' so far, and described its goal as the liberation of every village of Ezidxan.

Shengal Women’s Units (YJŞ)/Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) issued a written statement on the 'Operation to Avenge Êzidî Women', and said that the operation began with the advance on the villages of Sekiniye, Heyale and Sewra villages to the south of Shengal on November 11.

In its statement, YJŞ/YBŞ Command said “The name of our military campaign is 'Operation to Avenge Êzidî Women' On the first day, we carried out an action from five different directions. We raided the four hills around these villages around 06:00 in the morning. We liberated the hill soon after. The high number of mines around these hills slowed down our advance. Our forces took control of the checkpoint between the villages of Şilo and Medivan that oversaw Sewra village. We carried out assassination and shelling actions against the ISIS gangs around these villages. Our forces destroyed a vehicle belonging to the gangs near the hills, and 2 of the 3 vehicles near Sekiniye village. One of these vehicles was a car bomb. In total, 3 vehicles were destroyed and 1 vehicle was damaged. Our forces seized the bodies of 5 ISIS gangs. In total, more than 15 gangs were killed.”

YJŞ/YBŞ Command noted that the operation continues and its forces are advancing towards the villages of Sewra and Sekiniye. YJŞ and YBŞ forces are also advancing on the area in between the villages of Sekiniye and Siba Şex in order to cut the gangs’ supply lines.

Lastly, YJŞ/YBŞ Command stated that a total of 50 mines were cleared and many guns and ammunition were seized, and emphasized that its goal is to liberate every village of Ezidxan and liberate captured civilians.