'Yazidi people should return to their lands'

Yazidis in Mam Reşan Camp returned to their lands, ending 10 years of longing. Most of the group of 200 families settled in Digur.

Many Yazidis, who were forced to migrate due to ISIS attacks on 3 August 2014, have returned to Shengal (Sinjar) after 10 years of longing. Yazidis who have returned home from Mam Reşan Camp in Duhok spoke to ANF.

Heyam Hasen stated that their tents burnt down twice during their stay in the camp and said, "We have returned to our lands. Although our life here is difficult, we do not regret it. We were in tents in the camp and we are in tents here, but life in our land is honourable".

Hayam Hasen stated that they expect all citizens living in the camps to return to Shengal and called for support for those who want to return home.

Another citizen named Hızır Hasen said: "People are honoured in their lands. We stayed in tents there and we are staying in tents here. For 10 years we suffered a lot. Our society should not be deceived by anyone's words. Our land is the most peaceful and safe place. All of our community should return to their lands."