Woman wounded in Sur explosion

One woman was seriously wounded when a foreign object exploded in a frontyard in the Iskenderpaşa neighborhood of the Sur district.

Turkish state continues with the demolition in Amed’s Sur district where reports say a woman was wounded seriously when a foreign object found in a frontyard in Telgraf Street near the Hanzele Mosque in the Iskenderpaşa neighborhood exploded. The wounded woman was taken to the hospital with the neighbors’ efforts.

The woman noticed somebody throwing something over into her yard in the morning, and went out to put the foreign object away. The object exploded and the woman’s arms were severed in the explosion. She was taken to the Selahattin Eyyubi Public Hospital with the ambulance dispatched to the area and was placed in the ICU.

An eye witness said they entered the frontyard when they heard the explosion and saw the woman covered in blood and without arms. Police and emergency services were alerted at once and the woman was taken to the hospital with an ambulance.