What has happened during the Operation Liberate North Raqqa?

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continues its advance during the operation to liberate the northern part of ISIS gangs’ capital Raqqa.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continues its advance during the operation to liberate the northern part of ISIS gangs’ capital Raqqa. There were numerous developments on the second day of the operation


* The villages of Fatse and Waste 5 kms away from Eyn Îsa were liberated at 08:30 on the second day of the operation from ISIS gangs.

* SDF forces hit ISIS positions in Mitemesric village 5 kms away from Eyn Îsa with heavy weaponry, and 23 ISIS gangs were killed here.

* SDF liberated the village of Nemrudiyê 6 kms away from Eyn Îsa from ISIS gangs at 10.40.

* Many landmines were detected around Nemrudiyê village and SDF’s mine experts began to clear these mines.

* SDF forces liberated Mitemesric village from ISIS gangs at 14:05, and many landmines in and around the village were detected.

* ISIS gangs scared and panicked by the operation attempted to escape the area in SDF clothing.

* SDF forces prevented the ISIS gangs attempt to carry out an attack with an explosive vehicle in the recently liberated Nemrudiyê village. SDF gangs shot and blasted the ISIS vehicle from a distance around 17:40.

* Civilians from Raqqa began to migrate after the recent security warning and the pamphlets of international coalition warplanes. 100 refugees from Raqqa reached the Mabrouka Refugee Camp in Serêkaniyê over the past two days. Camp officials greeted the refugees, many of whom are women and children. The refugees expressed their belief in the liberation of their lands and in their return to Raqqa.


SDF issued a written statement on the ‘Operation Liberate North Raqqa’ and stated that its forces advanced 6 km from 3 directions around 14:00 on May 24, and liberated the village of Fatsa to the south of Eyn Îsa. SDF noted that Warplanes of the international coalition hit enemy targets effectively during the operation. The numbers of dead and injured gangs have not yet been clarified.

SDF announced that its forces has later liberated the villages of Qirtaca, Indibên, Mitemesric and other small settlements in North Raqqa, and many ISIS gangs were killed during these operations. SDF noted that one of its fighters fell as martyr during the clashes with ISIS.


31 groups with Arab, Assyrian, Turkmen and other fighters continue to advance under the banner of SDF. Below are the forces that participate in the operation:


Ehrar El-Reqa Brigade

El-Tehrîr Brigade

455 Special Actions Brigade

99 March Brigade

El-Qeqai Brigade

El-Ekrad Front

Selacîqe Brigade

Sultan Selîm Brigade

Eyn Calût Brigade

Êlên Heleb Forces

Cizîrê Brigades

Ceza Martyrs Brigade

Til Hemîs Martyrs Brigade

Til Berek Martyrs Brigade

Girhok Martyrs Brigade

Hesekê Martyrs Brigade

Rawiya Martyrs Brigade                     

Mebrûka Martyrs Brigade

Euphrates-Jarablus Brigades

Ehrar Jarablus Battalion

Euphrates Martyrs Battalion

Baraj Martyrs Battalion


Assyrian Military Assembly

Şems El-Şemal Battalion

Cund El-Heremên Brigade

Şoreşgerên Reqayê Front

El Tebga Front

Heqî El-Xanim Battalion

Euphrates Brigades