Viyan Mazlum, a guerrilla from Afrin: I took this path to be worthy of my people and my land

Viyan Mazlum (Gulê Cimo) from Afrin wanted to realise her dream of becoming a guerrilla in Cûdî and moved to Botan. She fought with great love until her martyrdom in the Besta area of Botan in 2017.

Gulê Cimo, whose family comes from the Bilbilê district of Afrin, was born in Aleppo. Growing up in a patriotic family, Cimo got to know the Kurdish Freedom Movement at an early age. She learnt about Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, Kurdistan and the PKK at an early age. Influenced by the participation of other family members in the guerrilla struggle, she took to the mountains of Kurdistan at a young age. She changed her name to Viyan Mazlum to start a new life.

Viyan Mazlum describes the participation process as follows: "I felt like a bird that leaves the cage and lands from branch to branch. Like a bird that seeks its freedom and knows where to build a nest. I went after my dreams. I took this path to be worthy of my people and my land."

In this way, she became involved in the life of her comrades with great love. Viyan Mazlum, who adapted to mountain life very quickly, fought in the mountains of Metîna for a few years, and then, when ISIS attacked Rojava, she moved there and joined the battle. She did not leave the people alone until Rojava was liberated, never giving up her struggle and continuing her resistance despite getting wounded three times in the war.

With the liberation of Rojava lands, Viyan Mazlum once again moved to guerrilla areas and took to the mountains. She was finally ready to go to Botan. She wanted to fulfil her childhood dreams and cross to Cûdî. Wanting to realise her dreams as soon as possible, Viyan Mazlum moved to Botan in 2016.

She was at the forefront of the actions against the enemy in Botan. With her love for freedom, she walked on the path of victory and inscribed her name in the epics of resistance. The Turkish state launched a major invasion attack in 2017, targeting especially field commander Delal Amed (Hülya Eroğlu) and Azê Malazgirt (Aslı Özkaya). As a result of the Turkish army's attack in the Besta area of Botan in November, Viyan Mazlum joined the caravan of martyrs along with 12 comrades, including YJA Star Central Headquarters Commander Delal Amed.