Violent clashes continue in Hesekê

Clashes intensified in Mesakın, Xwêran and Neşwa Xerbi neighborhoods as they entered their 7th day in Hesekê. The encirclement of regime forces and regime-affiliated gangs tightens.

The war that started in Hesekê after the attack of regime forces entered its 7th day. YPG/YPJ, Asayish and HPC units continue to inflict heavy blows against regime forces and regime-affiliated paramilitary groups.

Gangs affiliated with the regime and Iran use civilians as human shields in Xwêran and Neşwa Sherki neighborhoods, where the clashes have intensified, just like ISIS gangs did when they occupied Manbij.

According to local sources, YPG/YPJ and Asayish forces took control of most of Xwêran neighborhood, and regime forces suffered many casualties as the circle around them tightens every day.

The number of civilian casualties due to regime forces’ shelling rose to 18 as the war in Hesekê enters its 7th day.

The majority of regime soldiers are reported to have surrendered, and the regime’s fighting force is made up of Makanein and Iranian Hezbollah fighters.

Clashes intensified last night, and have continued as assassinations and seldom explosions since this morning.

YPG sources had stated that 36 regime soldiers and gangs were killed and 20 regime soldiers were captured alive during yesterday’s clashes.

YPG/YPJ and Asayish forces seized many guns and ammunition, and destroyed a machine gun-mounted pick-up truck with 6 regime forces in it yesterday.