Van municipality trustee refuses to reinstate HDP workers

The trustee of Van Metropolitan Municipality, appointed by the Turkish regime, refused to reinstate 250 workers, who had previously been dismissed, but won the trial to be reinstated.

Unemployment and poverty are increasing in Van, especially since the appointment of the trustee. 

The last discrimination action involveed 250 workers, who were previously dismissed by the Van Metropolitan Municipality trustee but won the right to be re-interviewed and reappointed through legal action. 

The 250 workers were indeed interviewed on 7 March but, although they passed the exams successfully, they were not reinstated and were considered unsuccessful.

Despite the workers won in court, trustee Mehmet Emin Bilmez is refusing to employ them and plans to hire people close to the AKP government instead.

It was learned that AKP Van Provincial Organization prepared a list of names.

Hundreds of workers were laid off after the first seizure of Van Metropolitan Municipality in 2016 when HDP mayors were dismissed and replaced by a trustee.

One of the workers, who prefer to remain anonymous, confirmed that they went to court three times and each time the court ruled for their reinstatement. "But the trustees - said the worker - has already decide that he won't take the ruling into account and in fact refused to reinstate us. All this because of the hatred towards Kurds."

While unemployment and poverty increase in Van, the trustee is wasting the municipality money in trivial "nights". People confirm that corruption is spreading and added that the trustee did not pay workers wages.