Two villagers aged 75 and 76 detained during military operation in Hizan

Turkish army continues its operations in northern Kurdistan.

The occupying Turkish army launched an operation in the countryside of Tasûh village in the Hizan district of Bitlis.

According to reports, a number of soldiers and village guards are participating in the operation which was launched on Tuesday night, 28 May.

According to reports from the ground, 76-year-old Secaattin Karabaş and 75-year-old Şeref Yılmaz were detained during the operation.

The operation comes after the Turkish military launched a comprehensive military operation from air and land in Şehîd Ferhad and Şehîd Serxwebûn areas of Şehîd Remzî region in Lice district of Amed (Diyarbakır) last Sunday, and a large-scale invasion operation in Zilan Creek in Hamoiler region in the Erciş district of Van on Monday.

In the month of March, the Turkish military begins its traditional "spring operations". In previous years, the guerrillas' transition from winter to spring was more of a disadvantage. For some time now, however, the Turkish army has not achieved any significant results with its spring operations, as the guerrillas begin their phase of action in advance.