Turkmen fighters: We will liberate Minbic

Suwar El Minbic fighters Yılmaz Türkmeni and Welat Cudi say they will liberate the land under control of ISIS gangs.

Welat Cudi is a Suwar El Minbic fighter and says their fundamental goal is to build the Democratic Syria where all the peoples of Syria can live together, Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians and Turkmens together with their own languages and their own flags.

Yılmaz Türkmeni and Welat Cudi fighting in Suwar El Mınbic fronts have talked to the ANF in Tishrin front.


Suwar El Minbic fighter Yılmaz Türkmeni said “As Suwar El Minbic fighters, as Minbic Military Assembly, we want to be a bridge between peoples. We want all peoples to live a common and equal life.”

Stating that their goal is to clean all Syrian land, primarily Minbic, Rakka, Cerablus, Idlib and Aleppo, from ISIS gangs, Yılmaz Türkmeni called to all the Turkmen people and especially the Turkmen youth to take their place under the roof of the Minbic Military Assembly.


Yılmaz Türkmeni also mentioned the Turkish state’s claims that they have “sent aid and arms to Turkmens”.

Türkmeni says the Turkish state doesn’t aid Turkmens, they aid gangs like Sultan Murat Brigade, Liwa Hemze, Feyleq Şam, Feylaq 16, DAESH, El Nusra and Ahrar Al-Sham and have sent them trailers full of arms.

Türkmeni said: “I am a Turkmen. The Turkish state has not aided us Syrian Turkmens at all. On the contrary, they have left us to face gangs like Sultan Murat Brigade, Liwa Hemze, Feyleq Şam, Feyleq 16, DAİŞ, El Nusra and Ahrar Al-Sam on many occasions. These groups have decapitated many Turkmens who didn’t bow down to them. They have exiled and tortured us.


“We have joined the ranks of Minbic Military Assembly as your Syrian Turkmen brothers. We have joined Minbic Military Assembly for both the common struggle of the peoples and the rebuilding of Syria. We will continue our fight against ISIS. We will rid Syria of all gangs, ISIS first, and we will liberate all of Syria.

I call upon Turkmen people and Turkmen youth to join Minbic Military Assembly.”


Another Suwar El Minbic fighter, Welat Cudi, says their fundamental goal is to have all the peoples of Syria living together and to build a democratic Syria where Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians and Turkmens can live together with their own languages and their own flags.

Stating that the Turkmens are a part of the peoples of Syria, Cudi said the forming of Minbic Military Assembly had become a necessity in the process Syria is going through.

Cudi said “Turkmens are a part of the Syrian peoples, so it was necessary for us to be a part of this force.” and expressed that they want to build a Syria where all the peoples can live together in freedom and to build a solidarity of the peoples.

Cudi said they have had positive reactions from different regions of Syria, primarily from the people of Minbic, and stated that the peoples glad and hopeful in seeing Minbic Military Assembly work towards a democratic Syria and other Syrian peoples will join Minbic Military Assembly to rebuild a free and democratic Syria.


Cudi called on all Turkmens for building a democratic Syria and said: “Turkmens who consider themselves Turkmen, who are patriotic should be joining us. Turkmens should take part in everything that is done for the future of Syria. If we don’t join this revolution, we will experience great hardship in the coming process. This new structure wants the freedom of all peoples, works for the freedom of all peoples and it is a structure that all religions, races and peoples have a place in.

I am hopeful that nobody will believe the external forces! Their goal is not to improve the Syrian revolution but to suppress it. I don’t want Turkmens to be a pawn in the game of the AKP/Erdoğan state and all the other forces.”