Turkish jets bomb two villages in Qandil

Turkish fighter jets bombed Komuta village and Bukriska village surroundings in Qandil last night around 21.10. The attack was supported with drones.

Turkish fighter jets hit Komuta village and Bukriska village surroundings last night. While two houses were destroyed in the attack, villagers protested the silence of Southern Kurdistan administration.

Bextiyar Mehemmed Seyfedin, who survived the attack because he had gone to visit his relatives in Senseger, expressed his protest against the bombardment on his house, saying; “The administration of Bashure (Southern) Kurdistan is responsible for this. It is the Southern Kurdistan administration’s fault that Turkish fighter jets can come and bomb our homes without a second thought. They have to take a stance against this. It can’t go on like this.”

Heci Mehemmed, one of the nomads in the plains set up next to the bombed Komuta village, said his children, family and animals were affected by the bombing and were extremely frightened in the aerial attack of last nigt. Mehemmed continued, “We were so badly affected when the Komuta village right next to us was bombed, that we thought they were bombing us. The children cried on our laps. We didn’t know what to do, there were pieces flying above and near us. We were unharmed by sheer luck.”

Heci Mehemmed, in protest of the Bashure Kurdistan administration, said, “Turkish fighter jets shouldn’t be able to bomb Kurdistan’s villages and lands with such disregard. The Southern Kurdistan government should stop collaborating with the AKP and Erdoğan. This way they harming their own Kurdistan lands and people. We do not accept this approach.”