Turkish air raid killed a civilian in South Kurdistan

While a Turkish scout plane crashed near Amadiya, Turkish air raids killed a civilian in Hewler countryside.

The Turkish state continues its genocidal war against the Kurdish people and both within and beyond Turkish boundaries.

Turkish fighter jets carried out a bombardment on Mount Bote located in Barzan region in the countryside of Hewler (Erbil) Governorate.

A 50-year-old civilian by the name of Kazım Eli was killed in the attack. The man was reportedly collecting beets in the area targeted by Turkish warplanes.

On the other hand, the Turkish invasion state also continues its air raids and reconnaissance activities in the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in South Kurdistan territory.

A scout plane of the Turkish army crashed near the village of Bere Qer in Amadiya countryside at noon on Wednesday. The cause of the crashing was not immediately clear.

Local sources report that Turkish fighter jets struck the scout plane three times after it crashed.

Reports say that the scout plane was destroyed in order to obstruct its country of origin from coming to light.