Til Berak people protest Turkish occupation of Jarablus

People in Til Berak city of Rojava protested the Turkish state occupation of Jarablus and urged Turkish President Erdoğan to get out of their country

Northern Syria people continue their protests against the occupation and invasion attacks of the Turkish state.

Residents of Til Berak staged a march condemning the Turkish invasion and vowed to stand against every invasion and attack targeting their lands.

Speaking during the demo, Til Berak Council Member Mihemed Ahmed Sileman called attention to the war Turkish state has waged against the peoples of Syria through gang groups for years, saying; “With the dream of being a new Ottoman sultan, Erdoğan has turned our country into a blood bath.”

Demonstrators joining the march also criticised the international silence on the massacres committed by Erdoğan's gangs against the people of Syria, chanting “Murderer Erdoğan, get out of our country”.

Speaking later, Til Berak People's Assembly Chair Hesan Sadun said the followings; “Turkish state has failed to make the peoples of Syria confront and kill each other. Their plans have failed and they have been defeated. Erdoğan wants to become a sultan with new Marj Dābiq victories but Syrian peoples will never allow an occupation by his side."

Til Berak People's Assembly Member Mihemed Ali Sileman underlined the fraternity of Arab, Kurdish and Syriac peoples, saying: “Peoples of Syria will stand together and fight against every invasion, wherever it may come from.”

Demonstrators often chanted "Syrian peoples are united" and "Murderer Erdoğan".