Three soldiers killed in retaliatory action in Heftanin

Three Turkish soldiers were killed in a retaliatory action by the HPG in the guerrilla region of Heftanin in Southern Kurdistan, Northern Iraq.

The press office of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) reported on Sunday that three Turkish soldiers were killed in a retaliatory action against the Turkish army in the guerrilla region of Heftanin.

According to the statement, the action on March 23 was directed against a Turkish military position on the Koordine Hill in Bektorya area and was carried out with a "special weapon."

"The intended target was successfully struck and the position was completely destroyed. The three occupants located at the scene were punished."

The action was carried out as part of the " Cenga Heftanin Revolutionary Campaign" as ed an "act of revenge" for guerrillas Mîrza Tolhildan, Bêrîtan Kobanê and Jinda Mardin, who died two days earlier during fighting in Bektorya, the statement said.

HPG stated that the surrounding area of the village of Rusê was intensively bombed by the Turkish army following the action. That same evening, the soldiers who were killed were evacuated from the battle area.