'The Kurdish people will not disappear with bombs'

Zimnako Mihemed Emin said that the Turkish state wants to destroy the Kurdish people by attacking South Kurdistan and added: "The Turkish state wants to end the Kurds, but they should know that this people will not be destroyed by bombardments."

The Turkish state's invasion attacks against Southern Kurdistan continue. Zimnako Mihemed Emin, who lives in the village of Qizice in the Pêncewîn district of Sulaymaniyah, describes the Turkish state's attacks on civilian areas as "inhuman and immoral".

Speaking to ANF about the bombings, Zimnako Mihemed Emin said that the area he lives in is a civilian area, not a military one, and added: "We live in the lands of our ancestors. We just want to live a peaceful life in our land. But the Turkish state does not allow it. This is a civilian place; the Turkish state wants to force us into exile by bombing the lands where we lived for decades.

The people suffered a great deal of material and moral damage due to these attacks. They burned our vineyards, our gardens. Our children have been psychologically affected. They are afraid of the slightest sound because of the bombardments. When everyone is asleep, the Turkish state is bombing our areas. This is inhuman and immoral. They do not allow us to breathe a sigh of relief in our own country."

Calling on the South Kurdistan government and international human rights  to put pressure on Turkey to end the attacks, Emin said: "The government and international community should come and see what is happening here with their own eyes. Let's see if this is a military zone or a civilian zone? The South government must fulfil its duty. So much blood is spilled. If the Turkish state and its collaborators want to end the Kurdish people with attacks, they should know that this people will not be destroyed by bombardments. Dozens of regimes wanted to destroy the Kurdish people, but they could not. Because the Kurdish people are strong people and they are getting stronger."