The HPG Press Centre releases names of two guerrillas martyred in Garê

The HPG Press Liaison Center (HPG-BIM) announced that two guerrillas, codenamed Canfeda and Çiyager, fell as martyrs during the bombardment of Garê by the invading Turkish state.

HPG-BIM (HPG Press Liaison Center ) said in a written statement: "Our comrades Canfeda and Çiyager fell as martyrs in the bombardments carried out by the colonial Turkish army against the Garê area on 13 August 2021."

The identities of both guerrillas were disclosed and are as follows:

Code Name: Canfeda Welat

Name Surname: Abdullah Hamo

Birthplace: Kobanê

Mother – Father’s Name: Naile - Salih

Martyrdom Date and Place: 13 August 2021 / Garê


Code Name: Ciyager Hero

Name Surname: Halil Mamo

Birthplace: Afrin

Mother – Father’s Name: Ayşe - Hanon

Martyrdom Date and Place: 13 August 2021 / Garê

The statement continued: “Our comrade Canfeda grew up in a patriotic family and environment in Kobanê, which was the first center of the great struggle against the darkness of ISIS and saved humanity from a great threat. At an early age, he joined the ranks of the struggle against the attacks of the invading mercenaries and had a strong character shaped by war. Our comrade Canfeda, who took part in the process of victory in Kobanê, went to the free mountains of Kurdistan without interrupting his struggle. He continued his struggle against the fascist invaders by joining the guerrilla ranks.”

The statement added: “Our comrade Çiyager was born in Aleppo and grew up in a patriotic family. During the Rojava Freedom Revolution, he was influenced by the struggle and joined the ranks of the revolution. Our comrade Çiyager, who fought against the invaders who tried to destroy the revolution, went to the mountains of Kurdistan after the liberation of Rojava and joined the guerrilla ranks. Comrade Çiyager improved himself by constantly reading and sharing what he had learned with his comrades. He has always chosen to be at the forefront as a militant guerrilla against the attacks of the invaders.”