Tevgera Azadi: Every honourable Kurd should oppose the Turkish occupation plan

In a statement on Erdoğan's visit to Iraq, Tevgera Azadi stated that it is the duty of every honourable Kurd to oppose Turkey’s occupation plan and emphasised the importance of national unity.

The Executive Committee of Tevgera Azadi (Freedom Movement) made a written statement regarding the visit of Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan to Iraq.

"During Erdogan's 22 years in power, the Turkish state has carried out the largest military, diplomatic, communication and special warfare attacks against the Kurdish people in the four parts of Kurdistan. The open cooperation of the Turkish state with ISIS and other terrorist organisations in Iraq and Syria shows to the whole world that it is hostile to the Kurdish people. Again, the occupation of other regions of Rojava, especially Afrin, Serêkanîyê and other areas, carried out thanks to the cooperation of these gangs, and the massacres carried out in these regions are the most concrete examples of the massacres perpetrated by the Erdoğan government against the Kurdish people,” said the Tevgera Azadi statement on Monday.

Drawing attention to the cooperation of the KDP with the Turkish state, the statement continued: "Instead of learning lessons from the past, the KDP co-operates with the Turkish state and makes all means available for the Turkish state’s attacks against the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla. The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla are fighting to defend the people of Kurdistan and protect their gains under all circumstances. It is clear that Erdoğan wants to revive the borders of 'Misaki Milli' [The so-called ‘National Pact’ refers to a political declaration made by the leaders of the Ottoman Empire in 1920 during the First World War. The oath defined the territorial borders – including Kurdish settlement areas in present-day Iraq and Syria – and the basic principles for Turkey’s future policy. Today, Turkish nationalists often refer to the ‘National Pact’ to formulate their aspirations for Turkey’s territorial expansion] and reach the Ottoman political map in the region. Erdoğan is trying to realise his occupation plans. There is no doubt that the fascist Turkish state makes no distinction between the Kurds."

Tevgera Azadi pointed out that it is the duty of every honourable Kurd to oppose the chauvinist and occupying policy of the Turkish state, adding, "The strongest response to these occupation plans of the Turkish state will be the national unity of the Kurds at all levels. All political parties in Iraq are responsible for protecting Iraq's sovereignty.”

The statement concluded, “We consider it our moral and national responsibility to stand against the Turkish state's invasion attacks on the territory and sovereignty of South Kurdistan. We call on the Kurdish people and all political forces in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq to take a stand against the dangerous plans of the Turkish state. Instead of ostentatiously welcoming and co-operating with the Turkish state, demand the immediate withdrawal of the occupying Turkish army from Iraqi territory and the Kurdistan Region."