Story of guerrilla Xabur

Xabur was only 20. He was exactly a Kurdistan youth and guerrilla. He fought like that. He used to say: " Let's remove the occupant's hand from above ours."

I write without thinking about how much I can count your jokes, agility, fearlessness, delicacy, and tenderness. I don't want to prevent my fingers while writing about you. I saw how you walked over the hard rocks of Xantur. I saw you were walking smoothly without stumbling, hitting or falling. Your tongue was spinning as your heart felt. You are the guerrilla who manages to smile even in the most difficult moments, the guerrilla who spits the fear out by laughing even in the most terrifying moment. Guerrilla who provides continuity without stopping the flow.

When fighting the invaders in Xantur, the brave guerrilla said: "You cannot be a fighter, you cannot even be a soldier! You are trying in vain; You can't beat the mountain fighters, go back to your country of concrete!”. The guerrilla who devoted his beautiful youth to his people, despite his young age.

Xabur Intikam was born in Kobanê. His father a blacksmith, Xabur embarked on the journey to recreating meaning in this universe. In 2014, he accompanied the writing of another epic and carried out the work of the successors of martyr Ali Çiçek, the representative of the young spirit who taught the resistance after Kobanê. When it came time to head to the mountains, he did not hesitate to put the words "this road has no return" to his saddle bag and set off.

In 2018 and at the age of 18, he made his way to the cause of freedom. He met the beauty of Heftanin, his first task, and grew up in the mountains with that beauty. He gave Heftanin his own beauty, Heftanin donated its own beauty to him. He came to Xantur, which will be his lodge in the Epic of the Heftanin Resistance.

Guerrilla Xabur had a good voice. He always said that this was his only talent. Guerrilla Xabur loved to talk, laugh and fight. He said that every time he climbed to Xantur’s peak, he was breaking the borders. He would count the hills one by one and describe their locations.

He was exactly a Kurdistan youth and a Kurdistan guerrilla. He fought like that. He believed that not only the land was stolen, but even the water.

That's why he used to say "Let's remove the occupant's hand from above ours".

He set out to immortality with Viyan and Goran on 3 July 2020...