South Kurdistan people: We don't want Turkish occupation in our lands

Kurdistan Patriotic Youth's Movement, Kurdistan Free Women's Movement (RJAK), Kurdistan Movement for Free Society (Tevgera Azadi) and Communist Party have staged a joint demonstration in Kirkuk in protest at the deployment of Turkish troops in Mosul.

Kurdish institutions in Kirkuk protested the presence of Turkish military forces in South Kurdistan lands. Demonstrators have called upon the people of South Kurdistan to pour out into the streets and stage protests.

Kurdistan Patriotic Youth's Movement (Komelayê Gencani Welatparez), Kurdistan Free Women's Movement (RJAK), Kurdistan Movement for Free Society (Tevgera Azadi) and Communist Party (Hizbi Şuî) have staged a joint demonstration in Kirkuk in protest at the deployment of Turkish troops in Mosul.

The statement by Kurdistan Patriotic Youth's Movement called attention to the uninterrupted attacks of the occupant Turkish army in Kurdistan “with the support of some treasonist circles”, underlining that this war has now been aimed at the people of South Kurdistan with the intention of another genocide like Halabja.

"Kurdistan is our honour and we will respond to anyone whoever lays hands on it. We do not want an occupant force in Kurdistan and we say enough to betrayal. Our movement did previously warn the parliament regarding the Turkish state's desire to build up a military base in South Kurdistan, but the parliament acted irresponsibly. However, we will not do so. We are calling upon all the honorable Kurdish people to react to occupation."

Another statement on behalf of Kurdistan Free Women's Movement (RJAK) pointed to the growing and deepening chaos and crisis caused by the war in the Middle East, saying; “The fascist Turkish state which wants to carry the war into the Kurdistan territory is implementing further plans of massacre and genocide against our people every day. The Turkish state doesn't only wage a war against the Kurdish people in North and West Kurdistan while supporting ISIS and other gang groups, but it also wants to settle in South Kurdistan under the name of fight against ISIS. We as RJAK state hereby that we will step up the struggle to drive Turkish forces out of our lands.” RJAK also called upon the Kurdish people to adopt a stance against the Turkish state and its local collaborators.

Kurdistan Movement for Free Society (Tevgera Azadi) described the deployment of Turkish troops as a plan to occupy Mosul under the name of fight against ISIS. Tevgera Azadi emphasised that the Turkish deployment has no benefits for the Kurdish people and is intended to be operated against guerrilla forces in Shengal. "This is because PKK guerrillas and other Kurdish fighters have inflicted severe blows on ISIS gangs in Kirkuk, Dakuk, Rojava and Shengal. The Turkish state which now has no borders left with ISIS in Rojava wants to deploy forces in Mosul to support the ISIS gangs. We do not accept the Turkish occupation of South Kurdistan lands and we will enhance the struggle to push TSK (Turkish Armed Forces) out of our territory."

One other statement on behalf of the Communist Party recalled the Turkish state's betrayal of Kurds and the conflicts it created among Kurds throughout history, saying; "Deployment of Turkish soldiers in South Kurdistan lands is not an ordinary case. The Sykes-Picot Agreement is now leaving a hundred years behind and losing its meaning, as a result of which Turkey and other states want to deploy their forces around Mosul and Kirkuk. In doing this, they intend to create areas they mean to take under their control in the event of a new crisis in the region."

Following the statements, hundreds started to march from Kirkuk Castle towards Sulaimania demanding the withdrawal of Turkish forces from their lands and chanting slogans against KDP and the Turkish state.

The people joining the demo put emphasis on the need to protest the deployment of Turkish soldiers. Some of these spoke to ANF, saying the followings;

Adnan Rojiwani: We have taken to the streets to display our reaction against the Turkish military's action to occupy Mosul. Occupation of South Kurdistan means occupation of 4 parts of Kurdistan. Erdoğan wants to divide Kurds through some circles among them in the current process when borders are becoming meaningless. We do not accept this case and will struggle against it to the end.

Selahaddin Saley: The Kurdish people should pour out into the streets everywhere to protest the Turkish occupation of Mosul-Kirkuk geography, which is our red line. By no manner of means do we accept this occupation action which is also supported by some Kurds.

The path is clear for Kurds; either resistance and freedom or betrayal. Those who support today's Turkish deployment are those who defend betrayal. ISIS is AKP and this plan involves not only Mosul but also Kirkuk and Rojava.