Shengal people demonstrate against the elimination campaign

In the Yazidi settlement area of Shengal, demonstrations have been held for the self-determination of the ancestral population against the elimination campaign. The Iraqi government recently set a deadline of April 1 for the withdrawal of local forces.


Demonstrations have been held in Shengal for recognition of the Yazidi population's right to self-determination. The Iraqi central government in Baghdad was again called upon to cancel the agreement concluded with the KDP leadership in Hewlêr (Erbil). Iraq had most recently demanded again the withdrawal of the Yazidi security forces and set a deadline of April 1 for this. The population insists on its self-defense forces and reaffirmed that they will defend the autonomous structures they established after the genocide in August 2014 at the hands of the ISIS.

The agreement between Baghdad and Hewlêr on the future of again is described in the Yazidi settlement area as a "plan of destruction". The demonstrators made this clear loudly and militantly in their slogans. The protest march started in the center of again and continued through the whole city. In addition to representatives of various organizations, parties and women's associations, numerous clerics and well-known figures from society as well as members of the YBŞ and YJŞ defense forces and the Asayîşa Êzîdxanê security forces took part in the protest. On banners were slogans such as "Our homeland, our mountains and our weapons are our red line", "Our will is stronger than the threatening gestures of Kadhimi" and "Our weapon is our dignity" in the Kurdish and Arabic languages.

A statement was read at the end of the demonstration at the destination of Lalesh. It reiterated that the people of Shengal want to resolve the crisis through dialogue. "If the Iraqi government wants to enforce the agreement through military intervention, we are ready to resist." The protest was followed by a visit to the Asayîşa Êzîdxanê's vigil. The sit-in is now continuing for the 117th consecutive day.