Shengal Autonomous Administration: Our will is stronger than warplanes, tanks and artillery

"Our will is stronger than warplanes, tanks, and artillery," the Shengal Autonomous Administration said in response to the Turkish state's attacks.

Following the simultaneous air attacks on Shengal, Maxmur, and Rojava last night, Shengal Autonomous Administration today issued a statement at the Hashd al-Shaabi position, which was the target of the attack in the Shengal (Sinjar) region in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The Autonomous Administration announced in a statement that the targeted location was demolished and that "the strikes that continued for hours yesterday represent the continuation of the 2014 mass slaughter."

The Autonomous Administration noted that “However, the Yazidi people's will is stronger than warplanes, tanks, and artillery. We promised our martyrs that we would always follow their steps. The same mentality was behind the attacks on our leaders on January 20 and the attacks on Hesekê prison. The occupying Turkish state, particularly Erdogan, actively promotes this fascist ideology and wishes to sow instability everywhere."

Stating that the Turkish state and ISIS have the same goal, the Autonomous Administration emphasized that “We, as Yazidi institutions and assemblies, will resist and follow in the footsteps of the martyrs. We will never take a step back. The aims and objectives of the Turkish state and ISIS are the same. Yesterday's attack, in particular, exemplifies Erdogan's rage at ISIS' defeat. They are unable to accept ISIS' defeat, thus they are targeting Maxmur, Derik, Shehba, and Shengal.”

The statement ended with the pledge of "Devotion to the martyrs" and the slogan "Murderer Erdogan."