Sarıyıldız: We will create public awareness for Lice in Europe

HDP Şırnak MP Faysal Sarıyıldız expressed that they will take AKP’s massacres in Kurdistan and Lice to the European public opinion.

HDP Şırnak MP Faysal Sarıyıldız spoke to ANF before his meeting with the United Nations Human Rights Council to relay the massacre of humans and natural environment in Kurdistan and Lice.


HDP Şırnak MP Faysal Sarıyıldız said they were to meet with the UN Human Rights Council to relay the events in Lice in line with the AKP’s massacrist policies in Kurdistan and continued: “As you know, the forest fires in Lice’s rural areas started by arsons in line with AKP’s massacrist policies in Kurdistan have continued for days, and people in villages are trapped in their homes due to the curfews. Aside from the forests, many houses were burned down in these operations. There is a massive massacre of nature and life in Lice as a result of state policies. In this framework, we will hold a series of meetings in the name of HDP in Europe to relay the events and create public awareness.”


Sarıyıldız pointed out that the AKP government has committed many crimes against humanity and war crimes in the war they have started in Kurdistan and said: “As such, the AKP government resorts to appalling and dirty maneuvers to legitimize the massacres against the possibility that they could be punished for their crimes in the future. For example, the Palace-bound newspapers sank as low as to put “Terrorists burn their friends and leave” on their headlines as dozens of people were burned alive in Cizre. Again, at the same time when we were gathering the bones of our children into sacks, the prime minister of the country went on camera to lie that “HDP wanted to pull our soldiers into a trap, we have determined that there is nobody in the basements.” Now, looking to legitimize the massacres in Lice, the AKP government is using cannabis fields as an excuse. They aim to cover up the atrocities they have caused and to criminalize the legitimate political movement in Kurdistan.”

Sarıyıldız continued: “It is no coincidence that they picked Lice for the military operations. Lice has historically been a place where the people have a strong reflex against the state’s massacrist policies and with the heavy price paid in 40 years of struggle, it is a place where the people have been politicized. This is why they want to subdue Lice and give Amed a message. Just like they aimed to give a message to all of Botan with the massacres in Cizre.”


Sarıyıldız said the people must not stay silent in the face of these genocidal policies and that the AKP government was experiencing their hardest, dirtiest and most massacrist period. Emphasizing that these policies were dragging the country into a great calamity, Sarıyıldız said “Saying no to the atrocities in Lice shouldn’t just be a responsibility for the Kurds, but a responsibility and duty for all democratic groups in Turkey. Because fascism is such a thing that it will turn to the smaller threats after it subdues the threat it perceives as the largest. Thus, all social groups who have been harmed by the authoritarian system in this country will be targeted by the regime. Only when all fight in unity will the atrocity end. This is why everybody should say no to this atrocity and protect life for Lice. Lice is a rich region with its nature and life and it should be a duty for all of us to protect this place.”