Sarıyıldız: The state continues to shoot us and our dead

HDP Şırnak MP Faysal Sarıyıldız said they were still under fire, describing the situation in Cizre as a total savagery.

HDP Şırnak MP Faysal Sarıyıldız spoke about the police attack on people carrying civilian casualties to ambulance in Şırnak's Cizre district today. Sarıyıldız said they were still under fire, describing the situation in Cizre as a total savagery.

HDP MP was among the dozens who went to Cudi neighborhood earlier today to retrieve the dead bodies of Serhat Altun, Ahmet Tunç and Mehmet Kaplan, and 4 other people with wounds who were persistently denied access to hospital despite an injunction by the European Court of Human Rights.

After retrieving the casualties, the group started to carry them out of the curfew area, from which they were meant to be taken to hospital with ambulances. The people were targeted by gunfire from two armored vehicles deployed on Nusaybin Street. Many including IMC TV cameraman got wounded as a result of the attack which came despite Turkish authorities being informed about the retrieval.


Sarıyıldız stressed that the onslaught by Turkish forces hasn't ceased but on the contrary got heavier after the injunction given by the European Court of Human Rights on victimised Kurdish civilians. He told that they called the district governor after the announcement of the ECtHR ruling yesterday evening, but received no answer. “We told other officials to implement the injunction for the casualties in the area, saying that we would otherwise go and retrieve the bodies from street. Still, they didn't pay attention. Then we came under fire on Nusaybin Street today.”


HDP MP stated that there are at least 12 injured civilians at the moment, two of whom are in critical condition and might die soon. He noted that they have been able to take shelter in the basement of a house in an effort to protect themselves from the ongoing aggression by Turkish forces.


Sarıyıldız commented on the situation as a probable case in a despotic country in the Middle East, adding; "An unambiguous AKP savagery is taking place in Cizre at the moment. We remain trapped together with the casualties.”

HDP MP called upon the ECtHR to take urgent action against the Turkish state's non-fulfillment of the interim injunction, stressing that the European Union and affiliated institutions will also be a party to this crime in the contrary case.