Saleyi: Erdoğan's dictatorship is a danger for the whole region

Bashur Kurdistan politician Salah Saleyi said that after Erdoğan became President again, there is a trend towards dictatorship in Turkey and this is dangerous for the whole region.

Politician Salah Saleyi from southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) said that the US and Europe are watching Turkey for their own interests, and added that the people of Turkey do not support the Erdoğan dictatorship.

Speaking about the election results, Saleyi evaluated Erdoğan's winning the election as a result of the rivalry plan between Russia and the US.

Saleyi stated that the dark forces of the Brotherhood and the millions of Syrians who voted for Erdogan had an impact on the election.

Selah Saleyi added that although Erdoğan won the election, the region cannot accept the current dictatorship anymore. "Democratic forces and the opposition can put an end to Erdoğan's unlawful actions. There is support for the Kurdish people in Bakur Kurdistan and Rojava, therefore Erdoğan cannot attack the Kurds as before.”

Analysing the results, Saleyi said that, in fact, Erdoğan cannot be said to have won the election, "because a large percentage of the people are not satisfied with him."

The politician said that the US may have turned a blind eye to Turkey's violations for its own interests, but "now, the US and European countries clearly know that this dictatorship is trying to expand its borders by violating other countries’ sovereignty. That’s why the US and Europe are putting pressure on Turkey."