Saleh Moslem: Liberation of Manbij is of great importance for Rojava

PYD co-chair Moslem stated that Manbij will be one of the main centers of co-existence on the basis of democratic society and democratic nation, remarking that liberation of Manbij was of great importance for Rojava as well.

PYD co-chair Saleh Moslem called attention to the importance of Manbij city which he said served as the secret capital and training center of the ISIS.

Democratic Union Party (PYD) co-chair Saleh Moslem evaluated the importance of the Manbij operation for Hawar News Agency (ANHA).

Moslem underlined that; “The intertwining of Syrian peoples in Manbij is a development of great importance for the building of democratic nation perspective which is realized through entities. We as the Kurdish people are followers of our martyrs. The blood of all peoples have coalesced into one on these lands today. Kurds, Arabs, Turkmens and other folks are bound to each other to develop the democratic nation mindset. This is of great importance in order to develop the democratic nation mindset in entire Syria. The fight given in Manbij sets an example to us with regards to the building of democratic future.”

Drawing attention to the strategic importance of Manbij, Moslem said Manbij was a secret capital and a very important stronghold of ISIS. He continued; “The system ISIS established in Manbij was stronger than that in Raqqa. Manbij was the training centre of ISIS where the gangs coming from and going to Europe received training. Secret details were revealed during the battle in Manbij; dozens of tons of explosives, a large number of arms and a large quantity of ammunition. On the other hand, liberation of Manbij is very important for Rojava. Manbij will be one of the main centers of co-existence on the basis of democratic society and democratic nation.”

Moslem continued with the following evaluation regarding the approach of AKP and similar forces towards the Manbij operation; "The reactions of these powers towards the Manbij operation was very harsh at first. The line they formed fell apart when the eastern side of the Euphrates was cleansed of gangs. They had expectations on Manbij, which is why they reacted and stood against the operation since the very beginning. Yet, this attitude of theirs did not yield any results; it has failed. On the other hand, they are trying to make decisions as if they were the homeowners of Manbij and Jarablus. In fact, the local residents united and made a decision to do something. No one has the right to intervene this situation. We did not pay attention to these threats and reactions although they were pretty harsh. We have a project and it is a humanitarian project because we have the people and all their entities standing behind us. In addition, we are sure about the accomplishment of our project."

Regarding the building of a new life, PYD co-chair Selah Moslem said; "A free and beautiful life cannot be built unless the mentality changes. The problems in Manbij are about to end. I believe everyone will do their part in order for the accomplishment of the political and social works at the desired level. I would like to state that our people should trust us and we shall triumph."