Ronak Mecid: Shengal can be a model for national unity

Tevgera Azadi Board member Ronak Mecid said that Shengal represents peace and called on all political circles to support the demands of the people of the region.

Kurdish politician Ronak Mecid visited the martyrdom in Shengal Mountain together with the delegation headed by Iraqi Parliamentarian Yûsra Recep.

Mecid, who celebrated the Çarşema Sor holiday, one of the oldest and sacred holidays of the Yazidi people, noted that the martyrdom in the Şengal Mountain is the symbol of the Yazidi community's struggle against ISIS.

Mecid continued: "The Yazidi community showed with the self-organization established after the genocide carried out by ISIS that it has the power to protect itself against any attack that may develop from now on. The occupying forces, especially the Turkish state and the KDP, are afraid of this belief and philosophy of our Yazidi people. Therefore, these forces are constantly making dirty plans for the region.”

Ronak Mecid underlined that the Yazidi people have reached a level that can govern and protect themselves. "Martyrs created national unity in Shengal," she said, adding that Shengal has strategic importance for the Kurdish people.

Shengal may be an example of national union

Talking about the visit to Shengal, Mecid said that they closely follow the demands of the people of Shengal and the situation in the region. She added that all Kurdish parties and movements should agree on Shengal and made the following call: “All Kurdish parties should take a stand against the invasion attacks aimed at destroying the Kurds. All Kurdish parties can come together in Shengal and we can turn this into an exemplary region in terms of our national unity."

Crisis in South Kurdistan

Drawing attention to the crisis in South Kurdistan Mecid said that the existing system and government cannot solve the problems of the region. She added that the problems of the people of South Kurdistan can be solved with the understanding and system of autonomy and that Shengal can be taken as an example in this sense.

A call to South Kurdistan parties

Ronak Mecid also made the following call to the South Kurdistan parties: “All parties and forces in South Kurdistan, especially the KDP (we call firstly on the KDP because it is the party in government now) should know that the Turkish state is hostile to all Kurds without discrimination. The demands of our Yazidi people should be assumed by everyone. Otherwise, history will not forgive you. The only way to frustrate the enemy's invasion and destruction plans is through unity."