'Rojava' resolutions in the South Kurdistan Parliament

Kurdistan Region’s Parliament calls on world powers to halt Turkey’s military operations in northern Syria, “intervene immediately and open dialogue to bring about peace.

The Kurdistan Regional Parliament convened today to discuss the occupation attacks of the Turkish state against Rojava and North East Syria.

At the meeting, KDP and PUK groups as well as other party groups condemned the invasion attacks carried out by the Turkish state and called for unity of all Kurds.


Umit Xoshnav, KDP Group Vice President drew attention to the fact that the attacks targeted Rojava, namely the safest regions in Syria.

Xoşnav said that one of the aim of the Turkish invasion is to chang the demographic composition of the region.

Xoshnav said that the KDP condemned the killing of civilians and added that they want the Regional Parliament to step up diplomatic activities to stop war and attacks.

Noting that ISIS still poses a threat in the region, Xoshnav said: "We need to be sensitive to this. Because this danger is still great." 

Xoshnav stated that they did not want Serekaniye and Girê Spi to be like Afrin.

PUK Group President Cemal Hewêz recalled the 11 thousand martyrs and 24 thousand wounded given by the SDF in the fight and victory against ISIS. "There brave women and men have become a symbol of freedom with their heroic struggle."

Hewêz added: "If this continues, the whole of humanity will face a great danger." He called on the Kurdish forces to unite.


Speaking on behalf of the Goran Movement, Eli Heme Salih said he condemned the attack carried out by Turkey and listed what the regional government and political parties should do as follows:

"The aim of the Turkish state's invasion attacks was to destroy the Autonomous Democratic Administration and massacre the Kurds. But they failed. Diplomatic consultation has so far failed to stop the attacks and war. The regional government should take action for Rojava. It must take important decisions. In accordance with the law, we ask the government to support Rojava. As Goran Group, we support Rojava Autonomous Administration. Those injured during the Rojava resistance should be treated here in the region."

In 2014, said Eli Eme Salih, "Başur Kurdistan has officially recognized the Rojava Autonomous administration. We strongly condemn those who call it 'terrorist'."

Speaking on behalf of the New Generation Movement, Dr. Kazim said: "The attack against Rojava is an attack against Kurds."

Dr. Kazim called on the government "to solve the Kurdish problem, a joint administration of the Kurds must be formed. The government should provide financial and moral assistance to Rojava. Health teams should be sent to Rojava, and I am ready to go with one of these teams in my capacity as doctor."


Speaking on behalf of Komaley Islami Ebdulsettar Majid said: "They say they do operations on behalf of the Prophet Muhammad, but they kill vulnerable women and children in the attacks. We condemn the attacks of the Turkish state. This attack is contrary to all international laws."

Speaking on behalf of Dr. Yekgurtu Islamiye. Şêrko Cewdet said: "We greet Rojava heroes and we strongly condemn the invasion attacks of the Turkish state. We condemn the use of religion and ideologies to kill people. This is by no means acceptable. Our regional parliament must take an urgent decision to help Rojava."


At the Parliament session, the following 12 decisions were taken:

"1. The Kurdistan Parliament supports a peaceful solution.

2. Condemn the attack and occupation and vow to protect the lives and property of the civilian population.

3. The Kurdistan Parliament calls on international powers and institutions such as the EU and the UN to quickly find a peaceful solution.

4. The Regional Government should prepare for relief work with international institutions for those who emigrate to our region due to the war.

5. The Regional Government and the regional president should mobilize international forces, acting jointly for the development of a peaceful solution in Iraq.

6. We demand the central government to help the regional government in assisting refugees.

7. We want all the mission and embassies in our region to be sensitive to the situation of Rojava, and to make what is in their capactities about the attacks and plunder.

8. The Kurdistan Parliament will launch a campaign at national level to provide help Rojava

9. The Kurdistan Parliament vows to ensure that the genocides and massacres committed by jihadist groups in Afrin do not take place in Serêkaniyê, Girê Spî and other parts of Rojava.

10. The Syrian and Kurdish peoples have the right to solve their problems in international platforms in accordance with the law.

11. The Kurdistan Parliament demands political parties and organisations in Rojava to open a new page, leaving their contradictions aside.

12. The Kurdistan Parliament wants to draw the attention of the international forces to the fact that as the US wuthdrew its forces from the region, ISIS began to be active again."