Revolutionary Forces Command: We switch to attack position

SDF-affiliated Revolutionary Forces announced that they have switched from defense position to attack position.

The General Command of the Revolutionary Forces affiliated to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released a statement regarding the most recent attacks of gang groups. The Command said the wave of attack has been broken and 19 members of the gangs were killed.

The Command reported that they faced attacks from Turkey affiliated gangs from the morning till the evening hours on October 21, and that these gangs carried out howitzer and rocket attacks on the positions of Revolutionary Forces as of 10:00 in the morning.

The statement said the occupant Turkish army attacked Al-Semoqe, Al-Hisiye, Um Al-Hosh, Herbel, Şêx Îsa and Til Rifat villages with tanks from several directions in order to provide support to the gangs.

The General Command of Revolutionary Forces stated that the aggression supported with heavy weapons lasted till the morning hours when the wave of attacks was broken.

Revolutionary Forces ambushed and inflicted a heavy blow on the gangs acting within the body of 'Euphrates Shield', as a result of which 19 members of the gang groups were killed and at least 23 others were wounded. Six DshK-mounted vehicles of the Turkish backed gangs were destroyed and one tank of theirs was damaged.

The General Command said their forces carried out actions on the areas where gangs were stationed, announcing that they have switched from defense position to attack position.

Two combatants of the Revolutionary Forces lost their lives and six others were wounded as a result of the attacks of the occupant Turkish state.

The General Command of Revolutionary Forces reiterated their promise to protect the peoples in Shehba and the entire region until the Syrian lands are cleansed of Turkish invasion and terror.