Prohibited weapons used against guerrillas exposed

A YJA Star guerrilla stated that they confiscated the explosives used against the resistance tunnels and explained what effect they had.

The Free Women's Troops, YJA Star, published images of seized thermobaric bombs and heavy bombs from the Turkish army, which are lowered into the guerrilla war tunnels to kill them. The women's guerrillas were able to open several explosive devices and show the contents.

The guerrillas said that they could not make a clear statement about the composition of the explosive, yet they said "the smell is very strong".

Possible chemical weapon

Among the bombs is a heavy bomb with large amounts of a chemical substance in it.

The guerrilla who showed the bombs explained that no precise statement could be made about the substance in them. It is still unclear whether the substance is a chemical substance.

There are obviously brown, resinous chunks mixed into the white powder. It is possible that these are mixed poisons. Chemical weapons are repeatedly used in Medya Defense Zones.

The explosions emit large amounts of white smoke or large mushroom-shaped clouds. Chemical weapons are among the internationally banned weapons.

Chemically Explosive Residues: Images and photographs show a gray powder or chemical substance.

Such residues indicate that chemical-containing explosives were used.