PKK: Every victory contains the work of the martyrs

People's Defense Central Headquarters Command said: “The popular movement, which developed under the leadership of our party, the PKK, has now reached the power to defeat these colonial special war policies.”

In a written statement, the People's Defense Center Decision Command celebrated the 42nd anniversary of the PKK and said: "The PKK said ‘stop!’ to the attempts to destroy Kurds and Kurdishness. With its struggle against the genocide in Kurdistan the PKK has resurrected our ancient culture, which dates back to thousands of years."

In its statement, the People's Defense Center Headquarters Command added: “We welcome the 42nd anniversary of the founding of our party, the PKK, which is the founding force of the liberation struggle of all oppressed peoples, classes, beliefs, cultures and social groups in the person of the people of Kurdistan. We salute 27 November, our Party Day, and all our martyrs and their families, patriotic people, friends, organizations and all party comrades who fight in the mountains, cities and prisons. A special tribute to the founder of our party, the first organizer, President Apo [Abdullah Ocalan]. Every victory contains the work of the martyrs.”

The statement continued: “The Kurdistan society gained consciousness and has embarked on a struggle to gain its natural rights. Our party has played a key role in the region today with the legendary struggle it led. This resurrection also ensured that women and youth gained a more dynamic character and rejected those who wanted to reduce them into slavery. The Kurdish woman, organized on the basis of the free life ideology of our Leader, became the leading force of social construction and the milestone of the new-free people developing in Kurdistan. The PKK struggle has strengthened the brotherhood among peoples and movements and has become a hope of salvation for all the oppressed and exploited people. On this basis, we have entered a period when we are closest to victory as a people.”

The statement added: “However, there is a heavy wave of attacks aimed at our party, the PKK and Leader Apo, who has achieved such a great revolutionary development in Kurdistan. In this context, our people living in four parts of Kurdistan and the struggle for freedom are subjected to the attacks carried out by colonialist forces, which the fascist AKP-MHP regime is trying to revive, capitalist hegemonic powers, regional dictatorial regimes and local collaborators who try to stop our people's march towards freedom.”

The statement underlined that “undoubtedly, these attacks are the last moves of the collapsing genocidal-colonial system. Our people, who defend their existence under the leadership of Leader Apo, will also succeed in securing their freedom with the resistance struggle they carry out on the basis of the Paradigm of the Democratic-Ecological Society Based on Women's Freedom. The enemy hopes in the success of its cooperation in Kurdistan, developed through contra-guerrilla and agent structures in the North as well as in the South. It is trying to get results by relying on the collaboration with the KDP. However, the popular movement, which developed under the leadership of our party, the PKK, has now reached the strength to overcome such colonial special war policies and to carry the struggle to success by developing the democratic national struggle of the people of Kurdistan.”

The statement ended with the following remarks: “As the Kurdistan People's Defense Forces, we are firmly committed to fulfil the requirements of these times, by facing the responsibility that our revolutionary struggle has placed on our shoulders in such a historical process. Armed with the ideology thought to us by Leader Ocalan, the 21st century Democratic Modernity guerrilla will cling firmly to its duties in the struggle for the freedom of our people to achieve success.”