PKK congratulates Girê Spî victory

PKK (Kurdistan Worker's Party) Executive Committee has released a statement congratulating the Girê Spî victory over ISIS.

PKK (Kurdistan Worker's Party) Executive Committee has released a statement congratulating the Girê Spî victory over ISIS.

Recalling that the liberation of Girê Spî (Tal Abyad) from ISIS fascism has come after that of Mount Kizwan, PKK Executive Committee congratulated YPG-YPJ and Burkan Al Fırat forces, the Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian-Syriac peoples in Rojava, as well as all women and youths on the victory, and wished them outstanding success in the democracy struggle they wage against fascism and colonialism.

Remarking that the victory is an effective practice of the democratic modernity theory developed by Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, PKK commemorated the immortal commanders and fighters of YPG-YPJ in the person of Rubar, Gelhat, Destina and Arin, and vowed that their memory will always remain alive in Free Kurdistan and Democratic Syria.

"It is beyond any doubt that the heavy blows and defeats inflicted on fascist ISIS gangs in Kurdistan as they attempted to make further advances and occupy further areas within Iraq and Syria have a historic importance", PKK said and underlined that the Girê Spî victory which united the cantons of Cizîrê and Kobanê and paved the way for the establishment of Rojava Freedom Revolution and Democratic Syrian Revolution will bring along Democratic Middle East Confederalism with its influence on the entire territory of Kurdistan and Middle East.

"In this sense, Girê Spî is a major and historic victory of all Syrian, Kurdistan and Middle East peoples, and of the free humanity”, it added.

Stressing that the Girê Spî victory will strengthen and consolidate the Rojava Democratic Autonomous Administration which is grounded on the free and organized will of peoples, PKK Executive Committee said; “We believe that the Kurdish, Arab and Turkmen peoples living in Girê Spî (Tal Abyad) will get along under a joint democratic ruling they will establish themselves, just like in other cantons, and create the most powerful sample of the equality and fraternity of peoples. In this way, building of democratic nation based on the free and organized will of peoples and all identities will be realized in Rojava Kurdistan and entire Syria.”

PKK stated that this great victory in a small area has guided all the oppressed and humanity as the practice of the ideas of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and the democratic modernity theory he developed, and with the solidarity of all Kurdistan and Middle East peoples and the entire humanity for freedom and democracy.

PKK Executive Committee said the Kurdish Freedom Movement believed that the Rojava Freedom Revolution will make further advances by achieving greater victories against ISIS fascism and all kinds of reactionism, and become established by enhancing the construction of democratic nation with all its aspects.

Once again commemorating all the freedom martyrs with respect and gratefulness, PKK Executive Committee congratulated the brave commanders and fighters of YPG and YPJ on the historic victory, and voiced a wish for the victory to bring along freedom and democracy.