People returning to İdil face remnants of the state occupation

Returns to İdil have started with the lifting of the "curfew" which remained in effect for 44 days.

The “curfew” in Şırnak’s İdil district was partially lifted yesterday and the people who had left their homes are returning.

People returning home formed long lines at the Cizre, Midyat and İpekyolu entrances of the district. At checkpoints set up at the entrances, the state forces continued their oppression by recording the people entering the district and subjecting them to searches.

On the way from the check points to the district center, armored vehicles adorned with the Turkish flag and ruined buildings catch the eye. The 3-storey BDP building with shops on the ground floor near the İdil Municipality building was torn down and the rubble was cleared.

The following images by ANF reflect the dimension of the destruction caused by state forces in İdil.