People of Berwari protest strongly against Turkish attacks

Reacting to the invasion attacks, the people living in the Berwari region said that the Turkish state is trying to start a war between the Kurds, but they will never fall into this provocation.

Many civilians have lost their lives in Metina due to the Turkish state's bombardment of civilian areas. The people of the region are in danger due to the invasion attacks. The people living in the Berwari region protested to the attacks of the Turkish state.

A farmer from Berwar, who confirmed that the South Kurdistan people had to leave their villages due to the attacks, said: "The South Kurdistan government needs to find a solution to this issue. Metina, Qumri Castle, Dişîşê, Sararo and many other villages are still being bombed. People are going to their fields to work. The villagers and people here have suffered great damage. If no solution is found, all these villages will have to be evacuated. It will be difficult for the villagers to return to their lands later on.”

The villager added: “What right does the Turkish state have to enter our lands? This is cruelty. All our trees were cut down and sold. The Turkish state says that all Kurds are terrorists, this will never be accepted. Even if we die, we will never give up our land. But thousands of people are victims of the Turkish state's attacks. A few days ago, five peshmerga lost their lives in Amediyê. The Turkish state blames the PKK for this incident, but this is not true. We will never enter the Turkish provocations."

Citizens living in the Berwari region earn their living from agriculture, but people cannot go to their fields due to the intense bombing of the region carried out by the Turkish state.

Another farmer from Berwar, who did not want to be named, said: "The Turkish state is bombing our homes and villages with warplanes. However, there is no strong reaction against the Turkish state in the international arena. First of all, we must be united in oppose this invasion. There must be solidarity. Since the Turkish state also targets civilians, people cannot move freely in their regions. Warplanes fly daily over our village. What right does the Turkish state have on the territory of Kurdistan? Saddam Hussein persecuted the Kurdish people, but in the end he was defeated. Erdogan will end up like Saddam and the lands of Kurdistan will never be left to the invaders."

A woman from Berwari, who said that the Turkish state is aiming at undermining the unity of the Kurdish people with these attacks, called on all Kurdish forces: "Warplanes bombard our lands every day. Our village was completely burned down. The village of Berwariyan and our mountains were burned. Hundreds of families were badly damaged by these attacks. This attack is being carried out on all of us. We are all Kurds. We do not want war. The Turkish state is oppressing us on our land, burning our villages. We and the PKK are brothers. We will not leave our villages; we will continue to live on our land. Even if the Turkish state bombs our villages with planes, we will never give up our land."