Nusaybin case: Resistance to fascism will prevail!

The first trial day against 50 people arrested in defense of Nisêbîn (Nusaybin) in 2016 took place yesterday..

The Turkish state imposed a curfew on Mardin’s Nusaybin district on 14 March 2016. The city was attacked by Turkish police and military units and almost razed to the ground. Yesterday, the trial began on 50 of the 67 activists detained since March 26, 2016, who were arrested as part of resisting the attacks. Akar Ikba, imprisoned in Mardin’s E-type prison, voiced his defense. Ikba, in his defense in Kurdish, pointed to the repression of the Kurdish population and stated, "When I saw what was happening in Sur and Cizre, I made my way to northern Kurdistan. I came for the Kurdish and Turkish people ... Long live the brotherhood of the Kurdish and Turkish peoples, long live the PKK and the Kurdish people. "

"As long as the isolation continues ..."

After the defense of Ikbas, Ibrahim Halil Ildiz spoke up. He defended himself on behalf of the prisoners in Tokat Prison. Ildiz pointed to the isolation imposed on the leader of the PKK, Abdullah Öcalan. Ildiz stressed that the isolation is directed against all peoples of Turkey: "As long as the isolation and the repression on Imralı is not finished, there will be no peace in the world; the war will continue. When this process began, Turkey attacked Afrin. We condemned that and explained what would happen. Turkey will be tried before the international courts for what it did in Afrin. "

"The resistance will prevail"

Ildiz criticized the current policy and continued his defense as follows: "Erdoğan with a short mind but great violence wants to separate the Kurds in the four parts and implement his political agenda. But this agenda is nothing but an expression of his dirty dreams. The Kurds are determined, and they show it. Those who ignore this will fall. Erdoğan miscalculates. The whole world will ask for accountability for Cizre, Sur, Nusaybin, Şırnak and İdil. The resistance to fascism will rise and conquer. "

"The courts obey Erdoğan"

Ildiz reported on the repression in prisons and condemned the use of uniforms. Ildiz said: "Erdoğan has put the uniforming of prisoners on the agenda. The courts have obeyed him. They want only Erdoğan and Bahçeli's voice to be heard. All those who oppose it become guilty under various pretexts."

"The torturers in the police must be convicted"

Ildiz reported that they were all tortured at their first interrogations. He explained that the same repression was going on and ended his defense saying, "In our place, the torturing police should be convicted here. We have displayed it here. Our process is not fair. We cannot see our lawyers or our files under these conditions. For a fair trial, the court would have to intervene here. If judgments are not given here, but according to the ruling power, then you should know that you can be the next to be sentenced here. Those who hang their flag after the wind and behave according to the rulers regret it now. I would like to remind you. Do not forget this. "

The trial continues today.