Nesrîn Abdullah: Federation will be declared at a suitable time

At the Newroz reception held in Brussels, YPJ Commander Nesrîn Abdullah stated a commission was working on a federation where all peoples can express themselves in Rojava.

Newroz celebrations were held at Libre University in Brussels, capital of Belgium. YPJ Commander Nesrîn Abdullah was at the reception and stated that a commission was working on a federation where all peoples can express themselves and the federation will be declared at a suitable time.

Newroz holiday has been celebrated in Brussels, capital of Belgium. KONGRA GEL Co-chair Remzi Kartal, KNK Executive Committee Member Zübeyir Aydar, PJAK President Hacı Ehmedi, YPJ Commander Nesrîn Abdullah, Belgian MPs Simone Susskind and Issabelle Durant, journalist Pascale Bourgaux, former HDP MP Özdal Üçer, KNK executive Adem Uzun, KCD-E Co-chair Dilşah Osman, HDP Europe Representative Faruk Doru and many Kurdish and Belgian people were present at the reception.

Speeches by KNK executive Adem Uzun, YPJ Commander Nesrîn Abdullah, Belgium MP Simone Susskind and Isabelle Durant were followed by a screening of journalist Pascale Bourgaux’s “Women Against ISIS” documentary.


In her speech at the reception, YPJ Commander Nesrîn Abdullah celebrated Newroz for the Kurdish people. Abdullah stated the following, emphasizing that a revolutionary process was underway in Rojava: “Here, we are experiencing two revolutions intertwined. One of these is the women’s revolution, and the other the social revolution. We have two fundamental strategies: First, protecting our people and our land against ISIS and other attacks, the second is to establishing our social system. This is the most important part. Every community and every people live with their own culture and their own language now. We are trying to spread democratic autonomy everywhere. Right now there are discussions on a federal system. A committee was formed, they are making preparations. Every people in the region will have their place in this system. This committee will declare the federation at the most suitable time. Within this system, everybody will live with their own culture and colors. We won’t do to other peoples what the regime has done to us. We will build a democratic and free life together.”


“The struggle there is not only for the Kurds, it is for all of humanity,” said Abdullah, stating that only the Kurds were fighting against ISIS. She continued: “In documents retrieved from ISIS members, it was first the fall of Kobanê. Then there would be attacks on Efrîn and the Mediterranean, and later, on Spain. This is what was found on them. ISIS wants to organize in the Middle East and then attack Europe. They are a problem for all of humanity.” Nesrîn Abdullah stated that they have plans for the future in the military sense as well, and a more professional and regular military structure will be built for defense.


KNK executive Adem Uzun talked about the history of Newroz and emphasized the Kurdish people’s resistance. Uzun criticized European countries’ silence, stating that AKP government is doing more today than the Turkish state massacres in Cizre in the 1990’s. Belgium MP Simone Susskind, stating that Kurds have been left alone against ISIS, said: “The Kurds have been fighting ISIS for a long time. The Kurds want to live with their own culture. That is their natural right. European states should support this.”

Belgium MP Issabelle Durant celebrated the Kurdish people’s holiday and praised their resistance against ISIS. The celebrations continued after the speeches.