MIT and KDP devise provocation in South Kurdistan

It was reported that MIT and Parastin secret service agencies would carry out massacres and murders in South Kurdistan blaming the HPG guerrillas before launching a comprehensive attack on the PKK.

ANF ​​sources within the security forces in Duhok have exposed very sensitive material. Two weeks ago, a meeting between representatives of the secret service of the South Kurdistan government party KDP and the Turkish secret service MIT took place at the Hotel Rixos in Duhok.

At the meeting, a detailed plan for an attack on the guerrillas was drawn up. According to this, a team of MIT and Parastin agents disguised in guerrilla uniforms was to attack the security forces in Duhok and the city's police department to lead to a massacre. The plan also includes targeting civilians and some Turkmen figures. The plan is aimed at turning the population against the PKK and thus justify a comprehensive attack on the guerrillas.

KDP tries to incite tribal leaders

According to the information provided by the source to ANF, a meeting also took place between the secretary of the KDP Politburo, Fazıl Mirani, the leadership of the KDP in Duhok and some tribal leaders. The increasing public pressure on the KDP was discussed at the meeting.

In the Behdinan region in particular, there were “very serious” protests. The KDP said it could protect itself against a "PKK invasion" in Behdinan, even if it was going to be difficult, but the tribal leaders would be badly damaged. That is why it was suggested that it would be necessary to "take action". Fazıl Mirani tried to convince the tribal leaders of a possible PKK attack on Duhok.

False guerrillas would carry out a massacre

The ANF source said that 200 guerrilla uniforms have already been procured for the plan agreed at the Hotel Rixos in Duhok. As a result, the Turkish secret service and special units of the KDP are to attack the police in Duhok. Opposition members and representatives of the Turkmen are also to be targeted. A massacre is set to be carried out and the PKK will be blamed for it.

According to the source in the security apparatus, this wave of attacks is aimed at the following:

* Striking a blow to the opposition leadership and silencing those opposing to the cooperation between the KDP and Turkey in Behdinan.

* Turning the growing sympathy for the PKK in Behdinan into hostility.

* Giving legitimacy to the KDP attacks against the HPG.

* The attacks on Turkmen figures are intended to legitimize Turkey's participation in the KDP war against the PKK.

* Giving legitimacy to the alliance between the KDP and Turkey and the common war against the PKK, both internally and externally.