Maxmur residents call for international action against ongoing Turkish attacks

The Maxmur People's Democratic Assembly has urged the international community and the Iraqi government to fulfill their responsibilities following the attack by the Turkish state on the camp on June 5.


The People's Democratic Assembly of Martyr Rüstem Cudi (Maxmur) Refugee Camp has responded to the attacks and threats targeting the camp.

In a press statement on Tuesday, the People's Assembly said, “We did not become refugees because of poverty and hunger, we became refugees because we did not accept the injustices.”

Addressing the Iraqi government and the United Nations, the People's Assembly underlined that they have been refugees for 28 years due to the denial and annihilation policies of the Turkish state.

“We did not become refugees voluntarily, we wanted to live on our own land using our own language like every other people in the world. We also want to lead a life under peace and tranquillity,” said the People's Assembly, adding that there is an attempt to carry out a genocide and massacre in Maxmur.

“The AKP-MHP government in Turkey is a fascist government. This government both threatens the stability of the region and is hostile to Kurds by targeting every place where Kurds live,” the Assembly said.

The People's Assembly urged the UN, Iraqi central government and human rights organizations to fulfill their responsibilities.