Manbij MC and Shams Al-Shamal announce support for Jarablus MC

Manbij Military Council and Shams Al-Shamal Battalions have declared their support for Jarablus Military Council in the face of the increasingly ongoing attacks of the Turkish state.

Manbij Military Council released a statement about Turkish army's attacks targeting the positions of Jarablus Military Council, Tal-Amarne village and countryside of Jarablus.

The statement underlined that; “The bombardment conducted by Turkish jets this morning left some Jarablus MC fighters injured, and these were taken under treatment in hospitals in Manbij. Turkey has dangerously escalated its attacks by exploiting the silence of the world and international and regional temporary consensus for its blatant interference in Jarablus in order to obstruct the war on terror. Turkey has resorted to the policy of secret deals with terrorists to enter Jarablus without a fight."

The Council announced their support for Jarablus Military Council and confirmed that they are ready to face the aggressive schemes implemented by Turkey through mercenaries. The Council also called on all democratic forces to foil Turkey attempts to transfer their eternal problems to north Aleppo. Manbij Military Council emphasised that Turkey hindered the war on terrorism.

Shams Al-Shamal Battalions General Command announced in a written statement that their forces are leaving for Jarablus to support the Jarablus Military Council fighters against the occupant attacks of the Turkish state in Jarablus.