Manbij fighters: We are very close to victory and freedom

Manbij Military Council fighters state that they are now very close to victory over ISIS in Manbij and will present freedom to the peoples of Syria once they liberate the city.

The city of Manbij which remains under ISIS occupation since 2014 has been liberated by 90 percent by Manbij Military Council fighters within the scope of the operation launched to cleanse the city of ISIS on June 1, 2016.

Speaking to ANF, Manbij Military Council fighters Qasım El Kuseyr and İsmail Ebu Velid stated that they are getting closer to victory and freedom in Manbij every day and every hour.

Qasım El Kuseyr pointed out that the circle tightens around ISIS in Manbij city center and the gangs in the city that remain under siege are trying to flee but facing a continuous failure. El Kuseyr said Manbij was of great importance with regards to its geographic and strategic location, noting that Manbij is the one of the largest cities in Syria after Aleppo.

El Kuseyr recalled that the Manbij city, a mosaic of various folks and faith groups, went under ISIS occupation in 2014 amid a chaos and conflict dominating this territory after regional and international powers stole the revolution process in Syria.

El Kuseyr stated that Manbij lost its mosaic structure with the occupation of ISIS and gained a character based on one color, one faith, one ethnicity, one sect, radical Islam and racism.

İsmail Ebu Velid said the operation to liberate Manbij was started upon the demand of the local people, recalling that ISIS gangs massacred more than two thousand people and tortured thousands of others, including him himself, after seizing control over the city in 2014.

İsmail Ebu Velid stressed that the liberation of Manbij will inflict another major blow on the ISIS gangs and their supporters in addition to leading up to major changes in military and political aspect.

Ebu Velid said they are now very close to victory and freedom in Manbij, adding that they will present freedom to the peoples of Syria once they as Manbij Military Council fighters liberate the city.