Listening device found in the flat of the Green Left Party Youth Council member

A member of the Green Left Party Youth Council has found a listening device in his flat in Muş. The young activist said he had been under surveillance and threatened by the Turkish police for some time.

A listening device was found in the flat of a member of the Green Left Party Youth Council in the Kurdish province of Muş. The youth activist involved is Maruf Çelikel, who lives with his friend Faruk Küçükçelebi.

According to Çelikel, the device was equipped with a police SIM card and was discovered by a small flashing light: "The light on the device was flashing. When we opened the installed structure, we saw a power connection and a spare battery. We demounted the mechanism and found a Turkcell SIM card. We put the card into my friend's phone and found out that it was registered in the name of the police and had been active for over two months. The bill is paid by the police, and it amounted to 2,500 TL for two months. It is clear that the device was installed when we were not in the flat. We will file a complaint."

The activist said that they had been physically observed several times up to the flat before they discovered the device.  "There was always a car of the anti-terror police in front of the house. They tried to recruit me as an agent and said: 'If you continue to go to the party, we are not responsible for what will happen to you.' They tried to force me to open my phone for them several times.”