KNK delegation meets with KCK for national congress - UPDATE

As part of talks with Kurdish parties and organizations for Kurdish national congress, KNK delegation has met with KCK officials in Qandil today.

Holding a press conference in Sulaymaniyah on June 12th, Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) called upon all social dynamics and political parties to reinitiate efforts for Kurdish national unity due to the fragile process the whole region is going through. Thereafter the KNK started a tour of talks with the political parties in Southern Kurdistan and met already with the major parties.

Following the talks with PUK, Gorran and Komala and KDP in Sulaymaniyah and Hewler, the KNK delegation went to Qandil and met with KCK officials on the issue today.

The meeting was attended by KCK Executive Council Co-president Besê Hozat and KCK Executive Council member Rıza Altun, and KNK deputy chairperson Kemal Tahirzade, KNK Council members Kamûran Berwarî, Perwîn Ezîz and KNK members Seyit Ekrem and Ferhat Dostkî.



Speaking on behalf of the KNK delegation, Tahir Kemalizade stressed that the Kurdish Freedom Movement has revived the Kurdish society that had been politically murdered.

Kemalizade noted that they have visited KCK in Qandil in order for the formation of national unity, and continued: “We believe that the KCK welcomes this desire and approach of ours. Should national unity be achieved, the dominant powers in Kurdistan will have to recognize the Kurds. The Kurdish people are stronger than ever despite the intensified attacks waged on Kurdistan. We had talks with several Kurdish parties and organizations and all these meetings were positive. All parties were for the gathering of National Congress and achievement of National Unity. They stated that the future of Kurdistan is of great importance to them in such a fragile process. We thus want to have talks with other parties in other parts and achieve this objective of ours.”


Speaking after, KCK Executive Council Co-president Besê Hozat stated that the current process provides the most suitable basis for the realization of national congress. She stressed that they as KCK will provide any support they can to the KNK's efforts for national congress and national unity.

Hozat stressed that the Kurdish people cannot always get the opportunities that are ahead them today, and continued: “The current circumstances are very much suitable for the achievement of national unity, the lack of which made the Kurdish people suffer massacres throughout their history. The colonialist powers do not want Kurdish national unity, they always want a fragmented Kurdish folk because Kurdish national unity will bring an end to their sovereignty over the Kurds. National congress and national unity must be achieved in order for the colonialism of the dominant powers on Kurdistan to end. In the national congress, all Kurdish organizations should gather, discuss all the problems faced in the past and present, and make sure national unity is achieved after coming up with a solution to all the problems.”


During the joint press statement made following the meeting, KNK's Tahir Kemalizade said their meeting with KCK officials was positive, and said the followings:

“We are happy to be here with our comrades in Qandil, to discuss national unity and receive KCK's support in this regard. In their previous statements, KCK always emphasised that they would support such an effort. Our meetings with other parties were also positive, for which we are happy. Following this meeting here, we will go to Rojava to convey our messages of unity. After these talks, we will once again meet with some parties and organizations, and then we will give the “We are a folk and the most powerful alternative in the Middle East today” message to the world.

KCK's Besê Hozat remarked that the protection of Kurdish people's gains in such a process depends on national unity, adding: “KNK's efforts are very important. We appreciate and support their works for national congress and national unity, which is a most important one in this process. We are ready to do our part to this end. We are being through historic times for the national unity of the Kurds. We should definitely build up national congress and unity in this process. We should protect the gains of four parts of Kurdistan, and ensure the freedom of the Kurdish people and Kurdistan. The achievement of this goal bases on national congress and unity. In this respect, KNK's effort is a very important and historic one. We will offer support in any circumstances.”