KNK co-chair: We have taken the first practical step towards national attitude

KNK co-chair said that the workshop, which was organized to determine a national attitude against the Turkish state's occupation in South Kurdistan and brought together more than 200 people from four parts of Kurdistan, was the first practical step.

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) organized an online conference titled "National Attitude Workshop Against Turkish State Occupation" last Saturday. KNK Co-chair Zeyneb Murad spoke to ANF about the KNK's future activities and the issue of national attitude that was addressed in the workshop which brought together representatives of several parties, organizations, institutions and intellectuals, artists and journalists from four parts of Kurdistan.

The Kurdish politician emphasized that although the Turkish state's military attacks on Avashin, Zap and Metina have been continuing intensively since April 24, there has no strong reaction against it both inside and outside. “We organized this conference to raise concern over this situation. As we have already seen in the cases of Afrin and Serêkaniyê, the Turkish state will spread its occupation to many regions of South Kurdistan,” Murad said.

The Turkish state has more comprehensive plans for South Kurdistan than the previous ones, said the KNK co-chair, adding, “The guerrilla resistance is against a colonial power, therefore everyone should back this resistance. If this attack is successful, the occupation will spread to the whole of South Kurdistan and the Turkish state will achieve the goals it has dreamed of for a century.”


Murad expressed that they took the first significant step by bringing together parties, organizations and institutions from the four parts of Kurdistan at a workshop on Saturday. “All participants emphasized that the Turkish military aggression does not only target the PKK forces, but also the gains of all Kurds. We think this was an important point,” she said.

Remarking that some parties were invited to the workshop but did not attend it, Murad continued, “We also want to meet these circles, as well as those who maintain their silence, and to involve them in the process. Our goal is to have all Kurdish forces and all all the components of Kurdistan oppose these attacks as a single voice. Our workshop was the first practical step towards this goal, and our initiatives will continue.”


 “The colonialist powers want to implement their invasion plans by taking advantage of the contradictions among the Kurds. On the other hand, our internal conflicts pave the way for the silence of the world and international powers,” Murad noted.

The KNK co-chair vowed that the delegations to be formed in the coming days will hold talks both among the Kurds and at an international level.