KDP-PUK deal lasts 2 days

The agreement between the KDP and PUK on the ministry in Baghdad, the Governorate in Kirkuk and the forming of the new regional government reached this week was voided by the PUK Politbureau before it was signed.

There had been meetings between the KDP and PUK for a while about the Ministry of Justice in Baghdad allocated to Kurds, the Governorate of Kirkuk, the Presidency of the regional parliament and the founding of the new government.

Politbureau members of the two parties met in Sulaymaniyah on February 15. After this meeting, KDP Spokesperson Mahmud Muhammed and PUK Spokesperson Safi Ahmed Pire held a joint press statement and announced the two parties reached an extensive agreement regarding the solution to several issues.

The agreement between the two parties would go into effect after the PUK Politbureau signed it.

MPs were to attend the opening ceremony of the Parliament, which was set to convene on Sunday. After the Parliament was opened, the two parties would lead the city council in Kirkuk on February 18 to elect the new governor.


One day after the KDP and PUK media reported on the extensive agreement, the KDP made another deal with the Gorran Movement on Saturday.

KDP making a political deal with the Gorran Movement without the PUK led to the cancelation of the first agreement.

PUK officials announced that they wouldn't attend the parliamentary session due to the KDP making a deal with the Gorran Movement without their knowledge.


After the deal between the KDP and Goran, a KDP committee was sent to Kosret Resul’s home in Hewler to meet with PUK officials.

The committee reportedly asked Kosret Resul and other PUK officials to attend the parliamentary session on Sunday, but they said they wouldn't due to the deal with Goran.


After the PUK announced that they wouldn't attend the session, the opening of the Parliament became less certain. Parties haven't issued official statements on whether the planned session will be held in the Parliament or not yet.