KDP forces open fire on Êzidîs heading from Rojava to Shengal

KDP forces opened fire on Êzidîs from the Newroz Camp in Rojava heading to Shengal in solidarity with the people and their defense forces against attacks by KDP-AKP gangs.

Hundreds of Êzîdîs living in Hesekê region of Rojava have left for Shengal with a long convoy in the early morning hours to support the Shengal people and YBŞ/YJŞ (Shengal/Women's Defense Units) against the attacks of the armed groups backed by South Kurdistan's KDP and Turkey's AKP.

The group was stopped by KDP forces in Naim village of Rabia city, and the KDP forces opened fire on the group as they insisted on going to Shengal to express their reaction in response to the attacks.

While the mass continues resisting the blockade here, KDP forces continued their deployment of tanks and heavy weapons on the border.