KDP asayish threaten the North Kurdistan families in Duhok

KDP's asayish (public security) forces are threatening the Kurdish families who fled Turkish state atrocity and settled in Duhok, South Kurdistan with surrendering them to Turkey.

A resident in Duhok who spoke to Roj News and asked to remain anonymous for security reasons stated that KDP asayish have been setting up checkpoints on the road leading to the Misirike Camp in Duhok, and threatening the families from North Kurdistan who fled Turkish state atrocity and migrated to South Kurdistan in 90's with surrendering them to Turkey in the event that they do not leave Duhok.

The Kurdish resident said KDP asayish are suspending the settlement permit of many people from North Kurdistan.

As the KDP tries to isolate the North Kurdistan people who fled the political and physical massacres of the Turkish state and settled in South Kurdistan, the targeted Kurds who are opposing these impositions are facing threats that they will be arrested and surrendered to Turkey.

The Misirik, Qesrok, Hesenik and Şexan camps in Duhok house North Kurdistan people who were forced to migrate to South Kurdistan after their villages were burned down by the Turkish state during the 90's.