KCK vows to enhance resistance across Kurdistan

KCK Executive Council said: "With the multilateral struggle we will develop during 2017, the genocidal system in Turkey will be defeated and this will pave the way for democratization of Turkey and liberation of the Kurdish people."

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council released a written statement providing information about the decisions they made at the January meeting of the council where the self-governance resistance and the entire year of 2016 were assessed in detail. Accordingly, the meeting ended with commitment that 2017 be made the year of victory on the self-sacrifical resistance of the martyrs.

KCK Executive Council stressed that the five-thousand-year-old statist system and its contemporary representative, nation state, are being through a deep crisis as problems in the Middle East and the world are getting heavier and the capitalist modernity is extending the existing social problems.

KCK said that as liberal and social democrat political powers fail to come up with a solution to the problems, tendency arouses for military interventions and right-wing governments. According to KCK, those creating the problems will not possibly produce solutions, and problems will therefore get heavier in the following process.


The statement underlined that circumstances have emerged for the accomplishment of the democratic confederal system developed by Leader Apo (Öcalan) as an alternative to the monist and statist system and as the only alternative model - based on the sense of democratic nation society- for the Middle East and the whole world.

"The coming process will witness a resolution of the ethnic and religious conflicts imposed on the Middle East and the world through the sense of democratic nation, and major initiatives will be developed with the global struggle of democracy against the global capitalism that aggravates social problems."

Citing the democratic nation mindset put into practice in Democratic Northern Syria Federation, KCK underlined that this model was of great importance for not only Syria but the entire Middle East territory and was the only way to eliminate all kinds of inhuman mentalities as it proved itself to be the most effective manner of struggle against fundamentalism, sectarianism and nationalism in the Middle East.


Remarking that the problems in Iraq derive from sectarianism and pro-nation-state nationalism, KCK said the most influential resolution for general Iraq and Mosul was democratization on the basis of democratic nation.

"Advancement of local democracy will settle the problem of autonomy for various identities and strengthen the unity of Iraq on a democratic basis. In this scope, the autonomy demand of Êzidîs, Syriacs and Turkmens must be welcomed with respect and receive support from everyone. All Kurdish political parties and democratic institutions bear responsibility toward the free and autonomous administration of Shengal. To this end, all Kurdish political parties, no matter what their political view is, must support the autonomy of Shengal. Our Executive Council has established that all the problems in Southern Kurdistan result from a lack of democratization, concluding that democratization will produce a resolution to all the problems in addition to strengthening the Bashurê (Southern) Kurdistan federation. The Executive Council called on all political powers to fulfill their responsibilities on this matter."


KCK reported that during the meeting of the Executive Council, the political developments in four parts of Kurdistan were assessed in detail and it was concluded that the struggle waged in 2016 has revealed a political ground that will bring major gains and victory in all parts of Kurdistan in the event that it continues in the most effective way.

"It was fastened during the meeting that the balances and status-quos built on Kurdish genocide have gone down mainly in the 20th century, and that major gains could be achieved through struggle and activity in the period when new balances and status-quos will be built. On this basis, commitment has been voiced to enhance the struggle of the Freedom Movement in every part of Kurdistan, and to lead the Middle East democratic revolution on the basis of Kurdish people's freedom during the year of 2017. It was emphasised that the Kurdish people are close to freedom in every part of Kurdistan, that they have the background and capability to lead the free and democratic living of all peoples in the Middle East, and that they will achieve their goals and render all the enemies of Kurds ineffective in the event of realizing national unity and national congress."


KCK recalled that the AKP government of Turkey decided to crush the Kurdish Freedom Movement on October 30, 2014 in the face of the Shengal resistance, repulsion of of the ISIS in Southern Kurdistan, Kobanê resistance and 6-7-8 October uprising in solidarity with Kobanê as it saw the Kurdish struggle growing stronger in every part of Kurdistan.

"In this scope, the AKP ruling enacted laws to escalate war under the name of 'security package', while Leader Apo brought up the democratization of Turkey after presenting the 28 February 2015 dated Dolmabahçe Agreement, thus he wanted to hinder Tayyip Erdoğan's goal to crush the Kurdish Freedom Movement with war and to establish a hegemonic system of genocide on this basis.

However, the AKP government formed an alliance with the MHP and all anti-democratic nation circles and started a war against the Kurdish Freedom Movement and democratic forces instead of turning the Dolmabahçe Agreement and results of the June 7 elections into a historic opportunity for democratization. Rejecting the Dolmabahçe Agreement and results of the June 7 elections, Tayyip Erdoğan staged a political coup that deepened the crisis and chaos in Turkey.

Results of the June 7 elections was a reflection of the struggle given by the Kurdish people and democratic forces for dozens of years to the democratic politics arena. The AKP government backed by all chauvinist and fascist circles resorted to crush all the political forces that revealed this will, and it started an aggression to finalise the Kurdish genocide and eradicate all the political and social circles that stands against the nation-state system presented by the Treaty of Lausanne."

The statement by KCK emphasised that the historic resistance mounted by guerrilla and self-governance forces for the past one and a half years has left the Turkish state and its genocidal forces facing a collapse more than any period in the 90 years of Turkey's history.

"Turkey had never faced with this many internal and external problems in its 90 years history as it has during the last one and a half years. While aiming to eradicate the democratic forces and the Kurdish people, the AKP-MHP alliance have faced the reality of a Turkey that will bring their own end. The nation-state system is facing the greatest internal and external crisis of their history in the body of the fascist AKP-MHP alliance, the policies of which have failed in the Middle East -Syria and Iraq in the first place- and brought Turkey to the brink of a historic defeat."


KCK remarked that the Turkish onslaught on the Kurdish people and democratic forces has reached a new phase with the OHAL (State of Emergency) declared on July 20 on the excuse of the coup attempt that failed after the AKP government learned about it beforehand. According to KCK, the concentration of all fascist and nationalist circles aims to crush the democratic forces and to finalise the Kurdish genocide.

KCK pointed out that the AKP-MHP government attacked the people this much savagely, arrested all the mayors, seized municipalities and arrested deputies and thousands of politicians because the policies they have pursued so far have failed.

"The AKP-MHP alliance has come to a collapse point in the face of the self-sacrifical hits of guerrillas and the self-governance resistance of the people. With the multilateral struggle we will develop during 2017, the genocidal system in Turkey will be defeated and this will pave the way for democratization and liberation of the Kurdish people. The AKP-MHP alliance will try to keep itself standing by continuing the onslaught for the elimination of the Kurdish Freedom Struggle, for which reason 2017 will be a year of major resistance and war and the future of the Kurdish people's freedom struggle will be determined through the struggle to be given throughout 2017. Guerrillas and all freedom forces will mobilize all their means of struggle on a self-sacrifical basis, and the freedom struggle will rise to the peak in 2017. In consideration of this reality, our people and friends should enhance the struggle in a manner of mobilization, unite with the guerrilla struggle and play their historic role to make 2017 the year of freedom."

KCK continued, calling on all the Kurdish people to enhance the struggle everywhere as of February in the coming period which KCK described as the process of liberation of Leader Apo, democratization of Turkey and achievement of democratic autonomy in Kurdistan.

KCK added that voting 'No' in the constitution referendum will mean saying 'No' to all the constitutions that deny Kurds and other diversities and the genocidal and colonialist system established by these constitutions.

"Voting ''No' will mean manifesting the stance of Kurds against the fascist AKP-MHP alliance that has been attacking the freedom struggle of our people, burning down Kurdish cities and towns, jailing thousands of politicians, seizing municipalities, subjecting democratic politicians to outposts and courts. The rate of 'No' votes in Kurdistan will mean Kurds' insistence on a free and democratic living. It will be an important step in paving the road to a democratic Turkey and free Kurdistan", added the KCK statement.