KCK: South Kurdistan under threat, time for national unity

KCK stated that Turkey continues to occupy parts of southern Kurdistan. The KCK noted that military bases in southern Kurdistan have increased, while the Turkish attacks now targeted all parts of Kurdistan and the peoples of the Middle East.

The co-presidency of the KCK Executive Council released a written statement on the Turkish state's invasion of some areas in southern Kurdistan. 

In the statement the KCK underlined that “The AKP-MHP fascism continues to spread the occupation and its policies of genocide against the Kurdish people in Bashur (Southern) Kurdistan”. The KCK reminded that “The AKP-MHP fascism occupied Afrin to crash the free and democratic life of the Kurdish people, and aims to annihilate the Kurdish Freedom Movement in order to complete the Kurdish genocide. The AKP government, having realised that it could not neutralise the Kurdish Freedom Movement with the DAESH, since 2015 has begun a more comprehensive attack. They want to complete the Kurdish genocide they have been carrying out for nearly a hundred years by liquidating the PKK. If the Freedom Movement, the most organised and powerful movement of the Kurdish people, would be eliminated, then the greatest obstacle to the genocide would have been wiped out. The AKP-MHP fascism has now locked its domestic and foreign policies to the accomplishment of this aim. Which is why war has spread to every area where the Kurds have organised themselves”.

More Turkish military bases in Bashur Kurdistan

The KCK pointed out to the military bases of the Turkish state in South Kurdistan and said, "The Turkish state has more than 15 military bases in Bashur Kurdistan. These military bases have not only been set up with the aim to fight the Kurdish Freedom Struggle but also to keep a foot in Bashur Kurdistan, to prevent Kurdish unity, to oppress Kurdish forces and to create conflict between Kurds. The Turkish state is now increasing its military bases as well as extending its occupation these territories”.

The statement continued by highlighting that “the Turkish state's attack on Medya Defense Zones and the occupation of Bradost Area differ from previous attacks. The fascist AKP-MHP has launched a comprehensive attack on Kurds”.

Kurds need to reply

The occupation of Bashur Kurdistan by the Turkish state should be on the agenda of every society. The people of Bashur Kurdistan, young and women should reject this occupation. The struggle against the Turkish occupation in the coming phase needs to be stepped up by all the Kurdish people, including the political forces in Bashur Kurdistan. Should the struggle against the Turkish army occupation in Bashur Kurdistan not being promoted, more civilians will be killed, as it has happened in Kortek, Zergelê and Balayan”.

The response of the Iraqi state is insufficient

The Iraqi state, said the statement, has shown little strength in its condemnation of the Turkish occupation and this encouraged the AKP-MHP to continue in its policy of aggression. The occupied lands are the lands of Kurdistan. The goal is the Kurdish genocide. The first to speak out against this policy and occupation should be the Kurdish political forces.

The statement added that “attacked and occupied areas are in the KDP’s control sphere. In this respect, our people and the Kurdish public are waiting for a response by all the southern political forces, especially the KDP”.

Time to be united and stop this genocide

The KCK statement underlined that it is time for “a national unity and a common stand against the Turkish policy of genocide against Kurds. The Kurdish Freedom Movement - insisted the statement - will resist and counter until the end this occupation. The resistance and struggle will be as widespread and comprehensive as the war and occupation carried out by Turkey. Have no doubts that this attacks and occupation will end up being the grave of this genocidal Turkish state. Our Freedom Movement will fight against this occupation with the people of Kurdistan, strong of 45 years of struggle and guerrilla experience.

The people of Bashur Kurdistan know very well the character and face of the Turkish state. The people of Bashur Kurdistan should raise and fight the occupation everywhere”.

Actions in the metropolis

Reiterating that the Turkish occupation is not only targeting Bashur Kurdistan, but also Bakur, Rojava and Rojhilat Kurdistan, the KCK said that “young people in all parts of Kurdistan, all our people, our women, in Turkey metropolises and around the world must take action against the occupation. The spreading of the occupation campaign that started in Afrin and went on to the Medya Defense Zones and the Bradost Area means that the Kurdish people are at a historical threshold in terms of the fight for freedom. This situation requires that all Kurdish people, friends of the Kurds and democracy forces should act wherever they are”

The statement added that “Middle East peoples should know that this attack is not just an attack on Kurds; it is an attack on all the peoples of the Middle East. The struggle against the chauvinist and widespread aggression of the Turkish state is also a struggle for freedom, democracy, peace and stability of all the peoples of the Middle East. In this respect, all Middle Eastern peoples and their political forces must fulfill their responsibilities in the fight against this aggression, by taking sides with the Kurdish people in this struggle. Our Freedom Movement against the occupation resists everywhere. The AKP-MHP fascism try to carry out their genocidal policies by taking along super powers like Russia. Rest assure the resistance will step up everywhere to create a free Kurdistan and democratic Middle East”.