KCK salutes the Afrin resistance

KCK underlined that; ““The resistance of Afrin will prevail, the AKP-MHP fascism will be defeated, and the peoples of Syria and the Middle East will attain a free and democratic life.”

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) released a statement about the Turkish state’s invasion attacks against Afrin Canton of Northern Syria.

KCK said the AKP-MHP fascism and collaborating gangs were the same with ISIS. Remarking that the Afrin victory will be a historic opportunity for the free living of Turkey’s peoples, KCK called on everyone to stand with the resistance in Afrin.

According to KCK, the goal of Turkey’s invasion operation against Afrin, an oasis of democracy for Syria and the Middle East, is to de-Kurdify Afrin and settle inhuman gangs in their place.

KCK pointed out that with this invasion operation, the AKP-MHP government have once again manifested their Kurdish animosity and seek to survive reactionism in the Middle East in the body of their fascism.

KCK said that the Turkish army has started the invasion operation by using the Syrian airspace as a result of dirty negotiations because it knew it would suffer a heavy defeat through a ground operation alone.

Remarking that Turkey used some 100 warplanes in the Afrin operation, an unprecedented case in any world war, KCK said this fascist invasion operation was met by the people and military forces of Afrin with a historic resistance that said “No Pasaran” to the invading forces, repelling all the attacks for the sixth day now.

KCK saluted the people and self-sacrificing forces of Afrin that are defending their home and democracy, and congratulated in advance the victory that they will gain in the most rightful battle of history.

“Afrin resistance is the resistance of all Syrians, Middle Eastern peoples and all humanity. The AKP-MHP fascism and collaborating gangs that are attacking Afrin today are the same with ISIS. All the world’s peoples and democratic circles have united around the historic resistance of Afrin people, seeing that the goal of AKP-MHP fascism in Afrin is the same with what was the goal of ISIS in Kobanê. We salute the democratic humanity and world’s peoples for this attitude they are manifesting. This unity of people’s conscience and desire for freedom and democracy has revealed once again that humanity will not fascism to triumph.”

KCK underlined that humanity’s accumulation of freedom and democracy rises up again around Afrin as left-wing, socialist, democrat, ecologist, feminist, peaceful and pro-labor circles organize their stand and reveal a power of solidarity and struggle that will lead Afrin resistance to victory.

“When AKP-MHP fascism gets defeated, a wave of freedom and democracy will spread to the whole World starting from the Middle East,” KCK said.


KCK remarked that the Afrin resistance is also a historic opportunity in order for the peoples of Turkey to attain a free and democratic life, saying; “Once this anti-democratic and anti-freedom fascist ruling, in which CHP is also involved, is defeated in Afrin, the obstacles before democracy and freedom in Turkey will be torn down and the peoples of Turkey will attain a free and democratic life on the basis of peoples’ brotherhood. In this regard, we salute the democratic circles that adopt a stand against CHP’s anti-democracy and anti-freedom attitude. We believe that this dignified and courageous stand will build the future Turkey, and we emphasise once again that we are with them in their challenging struggle.”


KCK stressed that the Kurdish people have witnessed the Turkish state’s Kurdish animosity with the invasion operation against Afrin as it became evident that a free and democratic life will not be secured in any part of Kurdistan unless fascism is defeated in Turkey.

“The unity, common stand and joint struggle of the Kurds in four parts of Kurdistan and abroad has manifested itself on the basis of Afrin resistance. We congratulate our people in Kurdistan and Europe because of their stand, and we emphasise again our trust that free Kurdistan and democratic Middle East will be a reality based on the unity and joint struggle of the Kurds.”

KCK called on the people of Kurdistan to enhance their struggle for Afrin eveywhere they are, stressing that; “The resistance of Afrin will prevail, the AKP-MHP fascism will be defeated, and the peoples of Syria and the Middle East will attain a free and democratic life.”